07/14/10 Playlist

15 07 2010

‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ -SF

Good news: This show was successfully recorded and I posted a download link below for any of those that missed it and are interested. Maybe I’ll also post this on a Podcast? Anyways, this show featured a special T-Func set (basically the entire T-Func side on the split ‘Crabs, Charisma’ with Haves & Thirds) and a good dose of old and somewhat recent Orlando projects. Also, sorry that the sound levels go from high to low depending on song and media, but mostly because my mic was turned up way too high and I didn’t notice until listening back. Another thing to correct too is that Airway is not from the early 70’s but more towards the later period after checking up on Wikipedia and the Los Angeles Free Noise Society. Well, at this rate it looks like I got an archive going besides just playlists and info, so listen in if you want to see what Florida’s up to and of course like-minded projects from all around, old and new spirits.


‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
A girl’s Limits 40(local)(new) Body Rot Sister Syringe (split With Ant Parade) Cephia’s Treat/Cult Maternal
Royalty (instrumental) 39 Dj Premier Beats 2 Blaze 1
Dinger Will Linger 38(local)(new) Haves & Thirds If You’re So Depressed, How Come You’re Eating Pizza? Safg
The Golden Tour 37(local)(new) Haves & Thirds If You’re So Depressed, How Come You’re Eating Pizza? Safg
Fyuz 36 Add (n) To X Avant Hard Mute
Club Mix 1 (segment) 35(local)(new) Pro Bro Gold Liquid Gold Cephia’s Treat
1 34(local)(new) Outmode 1 Safg
Elevate 33(local)(new) Deeyay Galactic Entry Dead Drone
2 32(local)(new) Deeyay Galactic Entry Dead Drone
Our Lord The Flayed One 31(local) Tlaloc 1 Humid Tapes
Checkered Blanket 30(local) Emily Reo Minha Gatinha Post Records
Window To The World 29(local) Alien Overmind Technological Differences Self-released
Big Bass With The Platinum Limbs 28(local) Yip-yip Pro Twelve Thinker Strictly Amateur Films
Midnite Cobras 27 Tonstartssbandht An When Does Are
Gaydar 26(local) What’s Yr Damage? Punk & Disorderly 1
Deth Wiggle 25(local) Dead/bird Self Titled Mini Cdr Self Released
Jonah And The Whale 24(local)(new) Imagine Yr Wife In This Parent City Usa Self Released
Cutting Teeth 23(local)(new) Diamond Hymen Tba Tba
39 A5 Something 22 John Bender Tribute To Flexi-pop #07 Flexi-pop
Part Time 21(local) Sld In With The Old Cephia’s Treat
Perpendicular Thrust 20 Airway Darker Scratcher: L.a.f.n.s. Los Angelas Free Noise Society
Decimal Space Dot19(local) Byron House Poisonous Puberty Kinky Noise Recordings
Modern Vagabond 18(local) Dasi Escape From Draconia 1
Alone 17 Vita Noctis Tribute To Flexi-pop #08 Flexi-pop
Here Come The Warm Jets 16 Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets Eg Records
Wendy Miller 15 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
Metropolis 14 Kraftwerk Man Machine Capitol Records
At The Time Of Consumption 13(local)(new) T-func Crabs,charisma Split W/haves & Thirds Kinky Noise Records
Free For Fried 12(local)(new) T-func Crabs,charisma Split W/haves & Thirds Kinky Noise Records
Hand It Over 11(local)(new) T-func Crabs,charisma Split W/haves & Thirds Kinky Noise Records
Perfect 10(local)(new) T-func Crabs,charisma Split W/haves & Thirds Kinky Noise Records
Abductational 9(local)(new) T-func Crabs, Charisma Kinky Noise Records
Three-hundred & Sixty Degrees 8(local)(new) Evan Neal Self Titled Warded Halls
Cave/cavern 7 E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Cleanliness & Order 6 Non Easy Listening For Iron Youth Mute
Chandelier’s Dream 5 Oneohtrix Point Never Memory Vague Upstairs
Pilotes 4 Performance Tribute To Flexi-pop #10 Flexi-pop
The Autumn 3 End Of Your Garden Tribute To Flexipop #9 Flexi-pop
Fiber Optic Fur 2(local) Skeleton Warrior Porno Hologram Obsolete Units
Effortless Expanse Of An Invisible Organ 1(local)(new) Moondust + Self Titled Self Released



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15 07 2010

Body rot/Ant Parade 7″ is released on cephias treat/cult maternal not safg.

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