07/21/10 Playlist

22 07 2010

Dystopia rising along with rising volumes. Recorded show #2 with very few edits and talking way too close to the mic (I equalized it a bit). The untitled tracks will hopefully be fixed as I get with some people about names. Guest DJ Roxanne Carver came to join the party and bought a train ticket to get the hell out of Armageddon at the same time! Also a reminder, I’m picking up another spot tomorrow (Thurs) from 3-5pm. Doing it dance style in preparation for the Orlando Outmode/Diamond Hymen show @ Stardust this Friday which I’m also DJ-ing for. A weekend of partying…. can you survive it?


more information on Cephia’s Treat releases

more information on SAFG releases

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Lullaby demo38 The Cure Disintegration Deluxe Elektra
Squareblocks 37(local) Speldt 1 Cephia’s Treat
Closing Theme 36 Yoshinori Kawamoto Burning Force Sega Genesis
Black Country 35 Tonstartssbandht An When Does Are
Magic Teens 34 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
The Trappings Of A Boom 33(local)(new) Haves & Thirds Crabs, Charisma Ted Records
Helen Forsdale 32 Mars 78+ Atavistic
Side A 31(local)(new) Outmode Ii Safg
Big Bam Boom 30(local)(new) S2k Known To None Cephia’s Treat
Segment 29(local) Gem Of Skin Black Women Are Psychic Self Released
Wah Lee Bomp Dee Bomp 28 Metal Boys Tokyo Airport Acute Records
Side A (segment) 27(local)(new) Neon Blud Amphetamine Dreams West Palm Beeotch
Paranoia Carnival 26 Metal Boys Tokyo Airport Acute Records
Untitled? 25(local)(new) Merchandise Merchandise/deluxin’ Split Safg
4 24(local) Great Feelings Encyclopedia Vol 1 Self Released
Doug 23(local)(new) Swamp Tease Mysterious Attraction Hex04xmy
Don’t Ask Why 22 My Bloody Valentine Glider Ep Sire
Ax Of God 21(local)(new) Ant Parade Love Machine Cephia’s Treat
No Chance Left 20(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag Open Casket Hot Releases
Reprise 19 Chris Carter The Space Between Mute
Fascination Street (rs Home Demo) (instrumental) 18 The Cure Disintegration: Rarities Elektra
Pound Pound 17 Jeff & Jane Hudson Tribute To Flexi-pop #10 Flexi-pop
New Species 16 Athletico Spizz Do A Runner A&m
Chosen Time 15 New Order Movement Factory Records
Untitled 14(local)(new) Diamond Hymen Unreleased 1
There’s A Light At The End Of The Funnel 13(local) Limp Lungs Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite Cephia’s Treat
So Show Me (guest Featuring Outmode) 12(local) Pro Bro Gold Liquid Gold Cephia’s Treat
Innate Behaviors 11(local) Fifi Under Construction And Destroyed Cephia’s Treat
Love Song For Suzanna 10(local) Fifi Under Construction And Destroyed Cephia’s Treat
Hunkthrust 9 Neon Hunk Smarmymob Load Records
Haul_plateoffood 8(new) Vvaqrt Self Titled Self Released
1 7(local) Transit Mum 1 Cephia’s Treat
Untitled 6(new) Lazy Magnet Untitled Self-released
Guts (segment) 5(local)(new) Deeyay Guts/gold Safg
American Orphan Girl 4 Bene Gesserit None Night Of Flexi-pop #1
Arctico 9 3(local) Yukhonic Artiko Cephia’s Treat
Lips Not Listening 2(new) Martial Canterel Refuge Underneath Wierd Records
Track 1 1(new) Pax Titania Orphaned Daughter Of An Orphaned Daughter 1



2 responses

22 07 2010

Jeff and Jane Hudson is really good. Can I request some Chrono Trigger prehistoric music to be mixed in sometime in the future ( or would that be the past????)

22 07 2010

haha. I’ll have some ready for you soon my man

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