07/22/10 Playlist

23 07 2010

‘Lust in the Information Age’ -SF

Setlist for my guest spot off of DJ Assault’s ‘Book of Grievances.’ Nothin’ but dance trax. I attempted to record this show but I had the settings switched and the recording is not something you want to hear (former radio disc jockey/now Mom talking to me with her son over a Kraftwerk song). Oh well… some things aren’t meant to be eternal. Lesson learned…. but the beat goes on!

‘Book of Grievances’ Thursday 3:00:00 PM-5:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
I’m Gonna Make You Mine (slow) 33 Bizarre Inc 1 1
Happy Station 32 Fun Fun The Italo Disco Collection 1
River People 31 Weather Report Mr. Gone Columbia
Now, Let Me Brush You 30 James Pants Seven Seals Stones Throw
Dreaming A Dream 29 Crown Heights Affair Live At The Paradise Garage 1
Follow Me (club Mix) 28 Aly-us Follow Me 1
America’s Boy (broadcast) 27 Giovanni Marks Trunk Beats 1
I Wonder If I Take You Home 26 Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Street Jams: Electric Funk 1
Sleep Tonight 25 Cattanooga Cats Cattanooga Cats Hanna Barbara
Tarzan Boy 24 Baltimora The Italo Disco Collection 1
Rhythm Of The Wind, Sky And Earth 23 Yasunori Mitsuda Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Squaresoft
24 Tubes 22(local) Yip-yip In The Reptile House S.a.f. Records
Starlight 21 Model 500 Deep Space R&s
Spacelab 20 Kraftwerk The Man Machine Capitol Records
Rise From Your Grave 19 Phuture Something 2 Dance 2 1
Makin’ Happy 18 Crystal Waters Surprise Mercury
My Definition Of House Music 17 Dj Hell X-mix, Vol. 5: Wildstyle !k7
Goodbye, Goodbye 16 U-ziq Royal Astronomy Astralwerks
Ted 15 Chris Clark Body Riddle Warp
Clinically Inclined 14 Future-past Something To Dance 2 1
Hypnotic Tango 13 My Mine The Italo Disco Collection 1
Bodies In Lotion 12(local)(new) Deeyay Blood! 2 Safg
Stain The Sheets 11(local)(new) Outmode Ii Safg
Speak To The Eye 10(local) Skeleton Warrior Unreleased Jam Self Unreleased
10th Planet 9 Solid Space Tribute To Flexi-pop #10 Flexi-pop
Geography Ii 8 Front 242 Geography Sony Music Distribution
Sex Dwarf 7 Soft Cell Non-stop Erotic Cabaret Polygram
Run With Me 6 Trans Am Ta Thrill Jockey
Radioactive Mist 5 Iko ’83 Tribute To Flexi-pop #09 Flexi-pop
Star Guitar (slow) 4 Chemical Bros Come With Us Astralwerks
Be Bop Dee Zee Pop 3 Metal Boys Tokyo Airport Acute Records
Another Life 2 Kano Italo Disco Collection 1
Hall Of Mirrors 1 B12 Electro-soma Wax Trax!



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