Tonstartssbandht Show

1 08 2010

Reposted from Craig:

Orlando’s © Original Party Boyz © TONSTARTSSBANDHT make their long foretold return home after many a long year in the wild to once again sing all the songs that make the ladies fill up with babies. They will be going back to far away. You will be super super sad if you don’t see them play. Check this shit out:

Joining the boys on their international tour of playing cool-as-fuck music shows is Baltimore vagabond RUN DMT who is, I’m willing to bet, also going to get you super fucking hype about hearing his sounds and make you, like, really glad you showed up. I’m mean, just click the links, you’ll see.

Also appearing to pass the time while you get good and liquored up off 2 buck tall boys in rapt anticipation for the headliners is a bevy of local © Original Party Boyz © disciples who I promise will be very interesting to look at and then listen to. Look out out out:

SOUTHERN NIGHTS, who, as either of the band’s members will tell you straight up to your face no-lie-like-this is the total truth, are Orlando’s most up-and-coming and totally rad band that you may or may not have seen yet will also be singing songs that are straight up ear candies. (Also, I heard if you drink a 4 loko before this band plays and give the empty can to them, they will totally say your name in between the songs):

SLEEP ON, ALLIGATOR will be bringing the boom with that very special brand of spanxed out high-tek red-neck-ruckus-rock that we all know and love so very much (and when I saying bringing the boom I mean that literally cause, like, have you seen Randall? he drums super loud and it’s great):

DARK SEA OF AWARENESS will make you slip in and out of a dark fuzzy fever dream of tape delay while everyone around you high-fives the electric ghost of Fripp and Eno’s grav-bong.

CHOPPERS OUT don’t got no links, but if you knew the dudes in it like I do, you would know that this is gonna be some cool-ass shit like if got pregnant in the hot tub that just wacked-off into??? Who knows you’ll have to just be there yourself and find out.





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