08/04/10 Playlist

4 08 2010

A successful recording? You better believe it. Guest DJ Catbro had to take a catnap but he will guest DJ one of these daze for some psychedelic/ambient haze. I did put together some songs promoting the upcoming gatherings this week. Also some Bloodfest bangers were played as well. I’m really stoked to see some familiar faces at this annual ‘outfield’ reunion. Blood, sweat and tears baby.

*note* A little editing is needed when transferred to iTunes; just knock off the ‘pt 1’ in the album title and add pt 1 to the song title for the 1st half of the show. That way the order isn’t mixed up. My mistake!


‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PMĀ DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Rainy Day Sunshine 38 John Bender I Don’t Remember Now Record Sluts
Zangief 37 Street Fighter II World Warrior Capcom
High On Tech 36 Roboterwerke Futurist 1
Undercover Firefighter 35 Oneohtrix Point Never Transmat Memories Upstairs
However, Putting Trophies In A Microwave Isn’t Very Smart 34(local) Haves & Thirds Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young West Palm Beotch
No Hope 33(local) Craow Ladies Night Out (split With Alien Overmind) Safg
Bendix: The Tomorrow People 32 Raymond Scott Manhattan Research, Inc Basta
16 31(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Photographic 30 Depeche Mode Speak And Spell Sire
The Blacksmith 29 Amps For Christ Circuits Vermiform
I Wanna Lose Control 28 Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me Motel Records
Let Me Be Your Radio (pt 1) 27 Red Dragon Band Disco Italia 1
Choir 26 A Certain Ratio To Each Creation
Sueisfine 25 My Bloody Valentine Isn’t Anything Sire
Drop Bass Not Bombs 24 Mindflayer Take Your Skin Off Load
You’re Not On Top

Get Out, Old Guy 23(local)

Skin Job

Byron House


Barbara’ Chain


Cephia’s Treat

Neighbor’s Knock 22(new) Table Neighbor’s Knock Mutual Deterioration
Dressing Up (studio Alt Mix) 21 The Cure The Top Elektra
Delux Featuring Jon Sollami20(local) Turmoiled Functions Hairy Backpack (split With Then And Than) Ted Records
My Room 19 Eric’s Trip Love Tara Sub Pop
The Fire 18 The Sound From The Lions Mouth Renascent Records
Toundra 17 Clair Obscur Return Of Flexi-pop 9 Flexi-pop
9 16 Yukhonic Ctr001 Cephia’s Treat
The Burning Spear 15 Sonic Youth Sonic Youth Ep Geffen
Garden 14(local)(new) Honey Heads Candy Crosses Black And Red
Outlaw 13 Mission Of Burma Signals, Calls, And Marches Ace Of Hearts Records
Welcome To Altered Streets 12(local)(new) Choppers Out Altered Streets (split With Alien Overmind) Warded Halls
High Roller 11(new) Tonstartssbandht Dick Nights Does Are
Preston “great-ass” Imfat 10(new) Tonstartssbandht Dick Nights Does Are
Sweet Leaf 9(local) Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn Sweet Leaf Revolution West Palm Beotch
Sex Exchange 8(local) Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn Potentials West Palm Beotch
Stupidest Manifestation 7(new) Lazy Magnet Blood 2 Safg
Look Into The Eyes Of Your Lord And Say No 6 Lazy Magnet Is Music Even Good? Corleone Records
Shave Yr P*ssy Channel Shark 5(local)(new) Sleep On, Alligator Cyber-swarm/sleep On, Alligator Split Ford The River
Look At Your Game Girl 4 Charles Manson Universal Soul 1
Moondog 3 Amps For Christ Circuits Vermiform
100,000 2(local)(new) Southern Nights Tba Humid Tapes
Tanzmusik 1 Kraftwerk Ralf And Florian Crown



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