Pre-Bloodfest Shows (ORL)

5 08 2010

There’s bands coming from all over the place, and a few are stopping by Central Florida on their way to Tampa. Here’s your info:

Cop City / Chill Pillars (Lake Worth):
7inch –
Assorted Tracks:
New Tracks:

…Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn (West Palm Beach):
Potentials –

Honey Heads (Tampa):

Lazy Magnet (Nashville):

*****All Bands Are From Out of Town So Please Bring Donation.*****

Basically, after this show is this show. Both will be good shows. So come out to the shows. Bands are coming from all over the place for the one and only Bloodfest (in Tampa on Aug 7th) and at this stop will be:

Nightburger (dude from Social Junk’s solo project)

Tinnitus Stimulus

Gem of Skin

and possibly one more act.

*Also, please bring some donation money. There will be merch and any compensation is appreciated. Keep Orlando ruling*




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