Skeleton Warrior’s Orlando Kick Off Show

10 08 2010

Wooo. What a weekend. Bloodfest 8 was a lifetime experience. I love my friends and I love music and I love my friends that play music. I don’t have time to write about it nor did I find any uploaded footage, but there’s a possibility I might do a write up on it. You should of just been there. I will however play some awesome Bloodfest releases I’ve recently obtained from projects new to me and some that have been influential on myself for the past few years. Check it on my radio set, if you don’t know when to listen details are on the ‘about’ page. Here’s info on the next show I’m doing, and after this it’s back to school:

Skeleton Warrior are choosing YOU Orlando to be the launch pad for their tour kick off. NASA’s not on deck so someone’s gotta do it. They will be playing their newest dance hits to shake those bones in your body and they’re coming with a crew from out of town too.

Please bring donation $$$ of course and there will be some solid merch coming from these acts. Info/links:

Skeleton Warrior
– if you haven’t heard or seen these dudes you…’re living underneath a rock. They’ve been active for years (formed in Orlando) with many changes and their current incarnation is their danciest yet. High NRG synth rock mixed with odd behavior; they won’t fail to entertain you. (TAMPA)

CrAow – slow moving post punk guitar over a sampler of demon beats imitating the dripping blood from the dark side of DIY. Member of MLU. (TAMPA)

‘Ladies Night Out’ download:

Father Finger
– A hunger for darkness or an attempt to banish ghosts? Either way, this newly established solo act has given homage to punks in eyeliner with some heavy pounding drum machine dysfunction. Member of Honey Heads. (TAMPA)

Booga – 1/2 of Boogaboooga, who are known for doing some crazy theatrical performance art along with industrial sounds, fanatic yet focused drumming (she also drums frequently with SW) and sound activated lights. Should be a visual feat for sure. (SARASOTA)

+ one local act TBA that won’t let your city down.

Check out merch info from the SAFG record site here including the solo tape from SW’s Jimmy:




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