08/11/10 Playlist

12 08 2010

Well we all survived another bloody season. Everyone was great. I featured some new tracks obtained from Bloodfest 8 releases that I’ll be jamming to for a good while. Man, the Tsarlag track is just pure undefined beauty. I’ve never heard a track like it from him. Unfortunately the 1st 30 min of the show are forever lost due to…. recording issues, but luckily some of it was saved and posted (download starts from Nightburger and up). So who wants to make some show promos? 😉


-Then & Than live at Bloodfest 8. Video by Breathmint.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
battlesgoingoninthespiritualrealm 35 Breatheasy Cheapo Comp Cheapo Records
Smell & See Rose 34(local)(new) Skeleton Warrior Luvsic Safg
Rhubarb 33 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol Ii Warp
Weapons Factory 32 Yoko Shimomura Super Mario Rpg Nintendo
Noises With Attitude 31(local) Haves & Thirds Believe What You Want But Don’t Believe It Here Cephia’s Treat
2 Late (alternative Version) (band Demo) (instrumental) 30 The Cure Disentegration: Rarities19880-1989 Elektra
Sordide Affair 29 Richard Bone None Night Of Flexi-pop 5 Flexi-pop
I’m Still Alive 28 Oneohtrix Point Never Transmat Memories Upstairs
“night And Day” 27 Raymond Scott Manhattan Research, Inc Basta
Fanfare 26 Mocket Fanfare Klp
Song 1 25 Games Heaven Can Wait Mixtape Vol. Ii Wayslower Ii
Large Number 24 Add (n) To X Loud Like Nature Mute
Peaks And Valleys (for Dana) 23(local)(new) Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn Outmode/lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn Split West Palm Beotch
T.v. As Eyes 22 Chrome Anthology Cleopatra
V.f.w. 21(local) Yukhonic Arktico Cephia’s Treat
Mystery Lynch 20(local)(new) Tumbleweave S/t Self Released
Porno World 19(local)(new) Skeleton Warrior Luvsic Safg
Last Trip 18(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag There’s A Snake In My Cash Register Hex
Despite Everything I Know (live From Bloodfest) 17(local) Ant Parade Tenderly With Eagerness Ted Records
Master’s Plan 16(local)(new) Craow Life/diet Safg
Rumbleweave 15(local)(new) Tumbleweave S/t Self Released
Track 2 Sida A 14(local)(new) Jimmy Sanchez And His Crystal Balls S/t Safg
69 13 Fun Boxset (early Fun) Breathmint
Diary Of Joan Of Arc 12(local)(new) Brides Of Borg S/t Self Released
68 11 Fun Boxset (early Fun) Breathmint
A Little Help Here 10(new) Nightburger A Little Help Here Self Released
67 9(new) Fun Boxset (early Fun) Breathmint
Warning: Accidental Overdose 8(new) Terco Wrecker So Mad I Could Dance Zobnoba
Opening The Mouth 7 Boards Of Canada Geogaddi Warp
Twenty Four Hours 6 Joy Division Closer Factory Records
Baked With Bad Blood 5 Traffic Patterns Books Are Boring Cephia’s Treat
Carcass 4 The Ex Aural Guerilla Fistpuppet
Sentimental Journey 3 Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her Future Or No Future Tratt
That’s When I Reach For My Revolver 2 Mission Of Burma Signals, Calls, And Marches Ace Of Hearts Records
(excerpt) 1(local)(new) Dads Live At Club Fuck The Tampa Institute of The Arts For Subnormal Children



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