08/18/10 Playlist

19 08 2010

No recording guys sorry! Too much was going on at the station at once and I got too distracted and wasn’t checking levels. It was a killer show. My friend Lindsay came in to guest DJ too. Next week: record player!?!?!? Gem of Skin and Outmode guest DJ-ing soon to come as well. I gotta test the turn table ground zero 1st.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Wednesday 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Macbeth 31 Ciccone Youth The Whitey Room Geffen
Sky 30 The Dead C Trapdoor Fucking Exit 1
Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach 29 Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me Motel Records
Shapes 28(new) Work Give Up Safg
12th Cent 27(local) Uh Oh Spades Wreck Safg
Ouroboros 26 Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal Upstairs
Sancristobalde Las Casas 25 Swirlies They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons Taang Records
Blind 24 Michael Gira Drainland Alternative Tentacles
Pay No Mind 23 Sonic Youth Pay No Mind/green Light 1
I Came To Visit But Decided To Stay 22 Armand Schaubroeck Steals I Came To Visit But Decided To Stay 1
Asbestos Lead Asbesots 21 World Domination Enterprises Let’s Play Domination Caroline Distribution
Clair 20 My Bloody Valentine Ecstacy And Wine Lazy Records
Skoteseme 19 Diamanda Galas W/john Paul Jones The Sporting Life Mute
In The Middle Of A Minute 18(local) Yukhonic Arktico Cephia’s Treat
(when You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream 17 My Bloody Valentine Isn’t Anything Sire
Live @ Heinrich’s Workshop 16(local)(new) Old Smoker S/t West Palm Beeotch
Remote Control 15 Condor A Big One Narnack Records
Dead Siblings Wanted 14 Deluxin Black/white Crackafeast Records
New Age 13 Chrome Red Exposure Cleopatra
Frozen Sheet Of Blue 12(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag There’s A Snake In My Cash Register Hex
Track 3 11 Ultrafuckers/skeleton Warrior Gantaacid 1
Worst In You 10(local)(new) Craow Life/diet Safg
Lorelei 9 Cocteau Twins Treasure 4ad
Travelling On An Empty Stomach 8 Lazy Magnet I’ve Yet To Meet The Redeemer Self Released
Vampire (destroy All Monsters) 7(local)(new) Brides Of Borg S/t Self Released
Droolin’ Foolin’ 6(new) Rotten Apples Fit To Be Fucked Self Released
It Killed Mom 5 The Oh Sees Sucks Blood Castle Face
Passion For Pattern 4 Units Digital Stimulation 415 Records
Moonbeach 3 Yuzo Koshiro Bare Knuckle Sega Genesis
Track 3 2 Pro Bro Gold Liquid Gold Tour Cephia’s Treat
Sunset 1 Non Easy Listening For Iron Youth Mute



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