09/07/10 Playlist

8 09 2010

Orlando Sentinel

Got a recorded show for ya. This week’s special: Small Pox. Look em up. Probably will never be able to see them live again 😥 Also Magg Maxx’s station I.D. is on this recording; him and the anonymous beach party crew are ahead of the game. Basically, I’d like to hear more, please submit I.D.’s (“your ears are bleeding to Terminal Beach Party on 91.5 WPRK” for example) to my e-mail in WAV format if you wish to: sfuxan@gmail.com


‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 9/7/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Space Promo 1 Terminal Beach Party Rip The Waves Tpb
Continuous Smooth Jazz Trepanation 2 Oneohtrix Point Never Young Beidnahga No Fun
Rude Mind 3(local) Uh-oh Spades Take Names Or Be Nameless Dead Drone
One Day It Will Be Pleasant To Remember These Things 4(local)(new) Then And Than Genetic Defectives (split With Russian Tsarlag) Incompatible
Map Ref. 41 N 93 W 5 Wire 154 Emi Records
Cammy’s Corpse 6(local) Boulders The Spring Tapes Vol. 1 1
Horizontal Hello 7 This Heat This Heat 1
Marriage 8 Lazy Magnet 94-04 Collection Self Released
Beat 9 Chris Carter The Space Between 1
Emphasis 10 Harald Grosskopf Synthesist 1
Do Androids Dream? 11 Miro Miroe Nights In Arabia 7” 1
2 12(local) E.n. Cephia’s Treat
Dans Votre Monde 13 End Of Data Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics 1
Torque Hawg 14(local) Globular Superchunk: Outtakes ’09 Warded Halls
Dieing In Space 15(local)(new) Alien Overmind The Nullifiers Terminal Beach Party
Terminal Beach Party I.d. 16(new) Mag Maxx Rip The Waves Tbp
Discipline 17 Marc Almond & Friends Flexi-pop Flexi-pop
Cicely 18 Cocteau Twins Treasure 4ad
It’s Not A Place 19(local) Yukhonic Arktico Cephia’s Treat
Electric Chair 20 Chrome Red Exposure Cleopatra
Track 1 21(local)(new) Jimmy Sanchez And His Crystal Balls S/t Safg
No End 22(new) Rotten Apples Fit To Be Fucked Self Released
Eyes Pt 2 23(local) Craow J. Zagers/craow Split Safg
Entire Side 24 Small Pox Parts And Pieces Of Past Ticiples/smallpox Split Obelisk Sounds
Last Song 25(local)(new) Diamond Hymen Tba Tba
Contagious 26 Adult. Resuscitation 1
Big Moe- Sippin Codeine 27 DJ Screw 3 In Da Mornin 1



2 responses

23 09 2010

yo scott. the small pox recordings i did that include that tape and more are on my blog.

23 09 2010

cool dude, I found it! Thanks for the heads up, also I still haven’t spent time scoping your blog but I really need to.

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