09/15/10 Playlist

15 09 2010

Executed recording program but the data can be restored if anyone wanted to make a request. Not a biggie. Played new Outmode and Skeleton Warrior! Also my favorite John Bender song:

‘The Ticket That Exploded’ Tuesday 9/14/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Ripping Skull 1(local)(new) Outmode Iii Safg
Ufo 2 Esg South Bronx Story Soul Jazz
Witness 3(new) Nightburger A Little Help Here Self-released
Speed 4 Fauli Minimal Ethics 1
Toggle 5(new) Vvaqrt Vvaqrt Self Released
Boulevard Circulaire 6 Satellite Vs. Atom Crystal Minimal Ethics 1
Bigger Sphere 7 Lazy Magnet The Inevitable Conflict Self Released
Always There 8 Squid Diddley Minimal Ethics 1
Common Cube/half Alive 9(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag There’s A Snake In My Cash Register Hex
Monsters 10 Nervous Gender Beelzebub Youth Subterrean Records
(radio Cut) 11(local) Haves & Thirds Please Allow Him To Bump Thee Obelisk Sounds
Trex 12(local)(new) Skeleton Warrior Luvsic Safg
Fish Needs A Bike 13 Blurt Let There Be Blurt Salamander Records
Cracked Mirror 14 Moev Flexi-pop 3 Flexi Pop
Preuss 15(new) Xeno & Oaklander Sentinelle Wierd
Van De Graff/a Few Feet Away 16(local) E.n. You Can Be Replaced Cephia’s Treat
Laser To Laser 17 Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts No Fun
Everything Is Working 18(new) Games That We Can Play Upstairs
Causers Of This 19(new) Toro Y Moi Causers Of This Carpack Records
Exhibitionism 20 Gina X Performance Nice Mover Les Temps Modernes
Skyler 21(local) Globular Superchunk: Outtakes ’09 Warded Halls
B + W Stripes 22 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Warp
Je Suis Stoned 23(local) Ant Parade Sister Syringe (split With Body Rot) Cephia’s Treat/cult Maternal
Untitled 6 24(new) Hype Williams Untitled Self Released
33a1 25 John Bender I Don’t Remember Now Record Sluts
Introducing The Poplins 26(local) Pro Bro Gold Liquid Gold Cephia’s Treat



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