10/05/10 Playlist

5 10 2010

photo by Craig Hand

Show special today: WRASH. Also… the Unicorn Hard-On release featured on this show rules. Check out her site TANGLEDHARES.com

‘The Ticket That Exploded’ Tuesday 10/5/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Blood 1 Liars They Were Wrong (so We Drowned) Mute
Lounge Mix 2(local) Pro Bro Gold Liquid Gold Cephia’s Treat
Heliosphan 3 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Warp
I4 4(local)(new) Skeleton Warrior Luvsic Safg
1 5 Salute The Curse 1 Cephia’s Treat
Sun Dog Morning Jog 6(local)(new) Brides Of Borg S/t Self Released
Socialist 7 Public Image Ltd. Second Edition Wb
Come And See 8(local) Boulders The Spring Tapes Vol. 1 Self Released
Carnival Conduit “part Deux” 9 Deluxin Chocolate Jam #2 Hag Bloom Tapes
I Found That Essence Rare 10 Gang Of Four Entertainment Infinite Zero
Untitled (remix) 11(local) J. Zagers Chu’s Blues I Just Live Here
Frank Dialogue 12(local) Turmoiled Functions Left-handed Genius, Right Handed-fool Kinky Noise
Hammer And Sickle 13 Turmoiled Functions Left-handed Genius, Right-handed Fool Kinky Noise
Gossipp 14 Suburban Lawns S/t Irs
Life/diet 15(local)(new) Craow Life/diet Safg
The Mitey Eye 16(local) Limplungs Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite Cephia’s Treat
Lose Yrself, Find God 17 Lazy Magnet 94-04 Self Released
Dead Eyes Opened 18 Severed Heads Since The Accident Nettwerk
Brix 19 Portion Control Gaining Momentum 1
Track 2 20 (local)
Great Feelings Toast, Juice, Milk, And Great Feelings Self Released
You Stayed… (rs Home Demo) 21 The Cure The Top Elektra
Once In A While 22 Nine Circles Nine Circles 1
Energy Warning 23 Boards Of Canada Geogaddi Warp
Turn This And Take Off 24(local) Haves And Thirds Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young West Palm Beotch
Ansonia Revisited ’94 (remix) 25(local) Wrash Releasing Venom Cephia’s Treat
Cruel Edict 26(local) Wrash Releasing Venom Cephia’s Treat
Werewolf Wart 27(local) Wrash Releasing Venom Cephia’s Treat
Heavy Duty 28(local) Wrash Releasing Venom Cephia’s Treat
Beasts Are Pets 29(new) Unicorn Hard-on Beasts Are Pets Tangled Hares
In Our Angelhood 30 Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels 4ad
Gold Star For Robot Boy 31 Guided By Voices Bee Thousand Matador
Not Right (own Master) 32(new) White Car White Car Wierd Records
Drone Along 33 The Gulf Unreleased Cephia’s Treat
Tiny Tears 34 Monte Cazazza The Worst Of Monte Cazazza Mute
Track 4 35 E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat



3 responses

6 10 2010
horseshit jameson

I hear Great Feelings are from Orlando. (local) : P

6 10 2010

haha my bad. Did not too this on purpose I swear.

6 10 2010
horseshit jameson

I know man, no sweat.

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