Sarah Johnson & Skeleton Warrior Show

24 10 2010

Meow Mix Wednesdays and Terminal Beach Party present a noise/mutant dance showcase that will transition quite well with the approaching spooky weekend to come:

Sarah Johnson – Minneapolis band that turn the dark on, lock the groove and formulate the walls of stop-go stop-go chaos. Well executed noise-rock that fans of MLU should look into.

Skeleton Warrior – Tampa’s party crew living it up in Orlando for a night, bringing you their brand of sleeze disco energy overload for radioactive beasts.

White Man of The Future – “This guy went to town on those drums and his glasses stayed on the entire time. How!?” From Orlando.

Alien Overmind – music for long forgotten screen savers. Give this guy a long island ice tea and he just might kick up the BPM a notch or more. ORLANDO


Free Sake bombs with 1st purchase!

Donations for the touring band are highly encouraged! Think $3-5




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