VVAQRT & Secret Boyfriend in Orlando

4 11 2010


Come see some awesome bands from North Carolina doing what many northerners have feared to do in the past: TOUR FLORIDA. That being said, support ’em and have some fun; expect some dance numbers, synth-punk shakers and electronic openers.

VVAQRT – gothy groovy synth-pop songs for a bleak future. Their tape RULES. From NC


Secret Boyfriend – discordance meets dance music. From NC


Diamond Hymen + Outmode collab – Tampa party starters are showing the tour group a good time around Florida, and stopping by ORL to perform their latest incarnation as a collab. Heard minds were blown during the Outmode set of last spring, so let’s see how far this duo’s dosage will go.


J. Zagers – now living in Tampa, Zagers has been creating some of the most dream enveloping soundscapes with great vocal delivery perfect for reflective nights. I swore I saw the eye of God during his set at INC.

Gem of Skin w/A.O. – tentative, but nevertheless not a bad idea. Two dudes that have found more faith in electronics than the human race, thus creating the soundtrack of an end of the world scenario to come. ORL



You should know what to do by now….

got money for beer, got money for bands… right? Please bring at least a couple bucks for these guys on the road, it is very appreciated.

MERCH – tapes, vinyl, etc!

If you don’t want to miss anything get there on time, shows have been starting waaaaay too late lately and needs to stop, so please get their early so we can kiss our worried momma’s goodnight.



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