11/09/10 Playlist

10 11 2010

As promised, did a VVAQRT special and had some new tapes up my sleeve of new music from both Tampa and Orlando. If you haven’t already, look out for those Boulders, Southern Nights and Father Finger tapes that are available through their respected labels or at any upcoming shows. There’s several local releases on the horizon… and until then, hold ya head up.


‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 11/9/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Lampreycommandline 1 Manic Shooter Dog Master Teleportation Upstairs
Track 4 2(local)(new) Jimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Balls S/t Safg
Wisdom Teeth 3(local) Yukhonic Arktico Cephia’s Treat
Tommy Sings 4(local)(new) Boulders Modern Girls/modern Rock N Roll Soft Languages
Noonkoj Hanos 5(new) Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson/visions Of Christ Split S.a.c.
Untitled (side B) 6(local)(new) J. Zagers Neighbor’s Knock I Just Live Here
1/2 An 1/8 7(local)(new) Southern Nights S/t Humid Tapes
Calcium Needles 8(new) Brian Eno Small Craft On A Milk Sea Warp
From Inner City To Infinity 9 Innercity In Fetal Aura Upstairs
Disconnecting Entirely 10 Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts Not Fun
Earthlight 11 Kenichiro Fukui Einhander Original Soundtrack Squaresoft
Jungle Hurt 12 Mathematique Modernes Les Visiteurs Du Soir Dorian
Greener Graves 13(local)(new) Father Finger S/t #2 Self Released
Yr Ladies Night Out 14(local) Craow Ladies Night Out:: Alien Overmind/craow Split Safg
Childcraft 15(local) Gem Of Skin Fucking Friends Forever Post Records
Neo-tokyo 16(local) Alien Overmind Technological Differences Selft Released
B3 – Untitled 17(local) Outmode Faster Detail/outmode Split Safg
Cutting Teeth 18(local)(new) Diamond Hymen Tba Tba
$.17 19(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Hyssopeq 20(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Tanner 21(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Haul_plateoffood 22(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Loins 23(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Toggle 24(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Milk Tetany 25(new) Vvaqrt S/t Self Released
Organ 26 Organ Tribute To Flexi-pop Flexi-pop
Aero Space (3rd Day) 27 Yoshinori Kawamoto Burning Force Sega Genesis
Special Zone 28 Dj A.o./masato Nakamura Screw Dat Hedgehog Vol 1 Terminal Beach Party
Music For Pylons 29 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes 2 Warp
Decomposition 30 John Bender I Don’t Remember Now Record Sluts
To The Wind 31 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
Out Of Mind 32 The Cure Disintegration: Rarieties Elektra
Alpha Rainbow 33 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
Frat Boy 34 F/i None Night Of Flexi-pop #5 Flexi-pop
Crazy To Exist 35 Josef K Entomology Dominoe
Doot Doot 36 Freur Doot Doot 1





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