11/30/10 Playlist

1 12 2010

*stay tuned for live on air band info soon.* There will be a few special shows throughout winter break, and this will be the last of the line of non-tape shows because of busy times. Also I will record more since it’s been awhile

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 11/30/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Alternator 1 Midwest Product Specifics Ghostly International
Grief And Repetition 2 Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts Not Fun
Lichen 3 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Volume Ii Warp
Nagoya Marimbas 4 Steve Reich City Life 1
Nature But Not 5 Zoviet France Just An Illusion Staaplaat
Phantom And A Rose 6 Secret Of Mana Secret Of Mana Squaresoft
Asleep At The Trigger 7 Autolux Future Perfect Red Ink
Simon’s Dance 8(local)(new) Boulders Modern Girls & Modern Rock N Roll Self Released
Breathing 9 The Sea Of Wires None Night Of Flexi-pop 2 Flexi-pop
Umsonst Ohne Risiko / Suono Seguito 10 Gorilla Aktiv Nur Fur Erwachsenee 1
I Hate 11 Urinals Negative Capability _ Check It Out Warning Label
I’m Sorry, Is That French For Pudding? 12(local) Haves & Thirds You Told Me You Were Combing Your Hair Kinky Noise
Yon-tree 13 B-z Party None Night Of Flexi-pop 2 Flexi-pop
Les Ailes De La Nuit 14 Alena None Night Of Flexi-pop 2 Flexi-pop
Honey Power 15 My Bloody Valentine Tremolo Sire
[city Life] Check It Out 16 Steve Reich City Life 1
Searching For Friends 17 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Vi Squaresoft
Dungeon Crawler 18(local)(new) Alien Overmind The Nullifiers Terminal Beach Party
Eternal Wizard Fever 19(local)(new) Alien Overmind Altered Streets (split With Choppers Out) Warded Halls
Childcraft 20(local) Gem Of Skin Fucking Friends Forever Comp Post Rock
Live @ Uncle Lou’s Aug 2010 21(local)(new) Sleep On, Alligator 😉 None
Primary 22 The Cure Faith Elektra
Indulgeance With Vengeance 23 Neon None Night Of Flexi-pop 2 Flexi-pop
The Age Of Ridicule 24 Transparent Illusion Return Of Flexi-pop 4 Flexi-pop
Country Fair (instr) 25 Raymond Scott Manhattan Research 1
Traume Mit Mir 26 Grauzone Die Sunrise Tapes Emi Music
Don’t Understand That Man 27 U.s. Girls Introducing… Self Released





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