12/08/10 Playlist

8 12 2010

OK OK so no tapes again, sorry (to whoever is listening), but I have been kicking it to a couple of new tapes left off from out of towners and familiar suspects alike. Been seeping in the good stuff, so when college is over, the college rock kicks in full throttle.

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 12/7/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Fly On The Windscreen 1 Depeche Mode Black Celebration Elektra
Lata 2(local)(new) Dark Sea Of Awareness Digital Magic Fmly Records
Music Box 3(local)(new) Dark Sea Of Awareness Digital Magic Fmly Records
9:25 4 Global Communication 76:14 Dedicated
In The Dead Of Night 5 Secret Of Mana 1 Squaresoft
Chaos Amongst The Silence 6 Saori Kobayahi, Mariko Nanba Panzer Dragoon Saga Team Andromeda
Kardamom 7 Oval Electronic 01 Rough Trade
Cerebral 8 Future Sounds Of London Lifeforms Astralworks
Orinoco Flow 9(requested) Enya Watermark Warner Bros
New Pink Floyd 10 The Human League The Golden Hour Of The Future Black Melody
The Sand Pulsates 11(local) Haves & Thirds You Told Me You Were Combing Your Hair Kinky Noise
Cruenta Voluptas 12 Non Easy Listening For Iron Youth Mute
Madhatter 13 Moev Early Years Go! Records
Hoffnung 14 Weltklang Return Of Flexi-pop 3 1
The Man With The Machine Gun 15 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Viii Squaresoft
Propaganda Frustration 16 Lou Champagne System Return Of Flexi-pop #4 1
New York Theme 17 Jan Hammer Miami Vice 1
Electric Skin 18 Yukhonic Arktico Cephia’s Treat
No More Songs 19 Yukhonic Available Soon Cephia’s Treat
Self Instruct 20 Yukhonic Unreleased Cephia’s Treat
When All Else Fails 21 Yukhonic Hand to Head Cephia’s Treat
Ear Of The Storm 22 Yukhonic Live Cephia’s Treat
Danger Zone 23 Chrome Inworlds Siren Song
I Locked The Door 24(local)(new) Merchandise Strange Songs (in The Dark) Drugged Consiousness
* 25 The Phones Return Of Flexi-pop #4 1
Last Trip 26(local)(new) Russian Tsarlag There’s A Snake In My Cash Register Hex
Untitled 27 Black Moth Super Rainbow Lost In The Field Picking Flowers 1
Planet Party 28(new) Games That We Can Play 1
You Belong In The City 29 Glenn Frey Miami Vice 1
Wits For The Inferior 30(local) E.n. Unreleased Unreleased
Tuna Rampage 31 Gorilla Aktiv Umsonst Ohne Risiko 1
Live @ Bachelorette Party Sept 2010 32(local)(new) Byron House 1 Verdezap Youtube Videos
Music For Mallet Instrument 33 Steve Reich Another Look At Counterpoint 1





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