12/28/10 Playlist

30 12 2010


Last set of the year. Special guest DJ Tuttle came in for this show, playin some hits from her turf in Tallahassee (Plastic Flowers, Painted Faces) and an interesting psyche band from Miami called Goslings that I wasn’t aware of. Anyways, keep the larva mutated, we got a whole mess of an evolution ahead of us (possibility I might have to change the show time in favor for a required class to graduate…)

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 12/28/2010 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
Give All The Plutonium You Got 1 Haves & Thirds 1 1
Untitled 2 Positive Shadow 1 1
Dripsody 3 Hugh Le Caine Gurus Of Electronic Music 1
Modern Things 4 Voice Farm Various Artist Flexi-pop
Pure Pain Sugar 5 Unwound Fake Train Matador
New Age 6 Blitz Tribute To Flexi Pop 1
Adolf A Carrot? 7 Severed Heads Return Of Flexi-pop #3 1
Small Talk Stinks 8 Bauhaus In The Flat Fields 4ad
Drive Me Home 9 Plastic Flowers Drive Me Home Self Released
Tremolo Queen 10 Painted Faces Insomnmiac Teeth Self Released
Bedroom Hippies (solo Guitar Piece For The Fallen) 11 Painted Faces Insomnmiac Teeth Self Released
Summit-venture 12 Kincura Lovers Club Na Self Released
Don’t Go 13 Dessarae Bradford The Dessarae Album: The Blessed One, Unrestrained: Saint Vs Sinner Self Released
Ice Planet Asteroid 14 Force Dimension Tribute To Some Bizarre Vol. Ttdm 1
49 Sec. Romance (disco-mix) 15 P1/e Oh Harry, You’re Such A Drag 1
No More Sorry 16 My Bloody Valentine Isn’t Anything Sire
Fighting To Survive Live With Langenus, Beckman, Francisco, Taber 17 Lazy Magnet Is Music Even Good? Corleone
Forbidden Land 18 Saori Kobayashi. Mariko Nanba Panzer Dragoon Saga Team Andromeda
Re-enact The Crime 19 Unwound The Future Of What Matador
Alone 20 Vita Noctis Tribute To Flexi-pop #08 Flexi-pop
Swingin Party 21(requested) The Replacements Tim Sire
Bastards Of Young 22 The Replacements Tim Sire
Oyster Bay 23 Takers Bright Seniors Self-released
Still In Love 24 Cat Power Myra Lee Plain Recordings
The Bridge 25 Lee Renaldo East Jesus 1
Surullinen Kohta Seinassa 26 Chemical Friends Ullakkopalo 1
Candy 27 Jan Hammer Miami Vice 1
Overkill Disaster Crash (v. 1) 28 The Human League Golden Hour Of The Future Black Melody
Out Out Out 29 Non Electronic 01 Rough Trade
Arena 30 Daft Punk Tron: Legacy Disney
Balamb Garden 31 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Viii Squaresoft
Healing Wounds 32 Elemental Master Video Game Endings Sega Genesis
Hat Creek 33(local) Dads Hat Creek 1
Let’s Order A Pizza 34(local) Byron House Age Until You Evolve 1
The Iman 35(new) Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
I Am Star Wars! 36 Smog Julius Caeser
Six Feet (from My Baby) 37 Zola Jesus The Spoils
Croatan 38 Goslings Grandeur Of Hair
The Opera Hosue 39 The Olivia Tremor Control Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dusk At Cubist Castle
For All We Know 40 Bettie Serveert If I Were A Carpenter





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