01/04/10 Playlist

5 01 2011


This week’s playlist. Played some Cool World, Southern Nights and Booga Boooga to promote their upcoming Florida tour this week as well as new Chopper’s Out and Alien Overmind. Also, to Ariel Pink fans, I’d definitely check out Haunted Graffiti’s latest album ‘Before Today’ as well as his girlfriend’s project Geneva Jacuzzi. ALSO to note, this may be my last Tues 1-3PM show. I’m either getting it switched or will have a friend or two cover my shifts until so. My only requirement to them is that they play local music and absolutely no Of Montreal. We’ll see what happens….

-Cool World – Heavy Petting

-Geneva Jacuzzi – Love Caboose

‘Terminal Beach Party’ Tuesday 1/4/2011 1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM DJ Substitute: DJ AO

Song Name Artist Album Label
1 1 Unicorn Hard-on Min Long Tapes Breathmint
Pointbreak 2 Ashrae Fax Static Crash! Self-released
Marble Waltz 3 Tujiko Noriko Shojo Toshi Mego
Godsong 4 Severed Heads Since The Accident Mute
Revolution’s A Lie 5 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today 4ad
Evil Speakers 6 Guided By Voices Alien Lanes Matador
Echos Myron 7 Guided By Voices Bee Thousand Matador
Tourist Trap 8 Non Easy Listening For Iron Youth Mute
Welcome To Altered Streets 9(local)(new) Choppers Out Altered Streets (split With Alien Overmind) Warded Halls
Your Fading Image 10(local)(new) Alien Overmind The Nullifiers Terminal Beach Party
Heavy Pets 11 Cool World 1 1
Dream Shake 12 Cool World 1 1
Icecream 13 Cool World 1 1
All Day 14 Cool World 1 1
Southernmost 15(local)(new) Southern Nights Mix Tape Humid Tapes
Hyphy 16(local)(new) Booga Boooga 1 1
Advancement 17(local)(new) Booga Boooga 1 1
Beginning 18(local)(new) Booga Boooga 1 1
Mltply 19 Machine Drum Bidnezz Merck Records
Dynamite Dust 20 Ashrae Fax Static Crash! Self Released
Fright Night (nevermore) 21(new) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today 4ad
Flamethrower 22(local) E.n. You Will Be Outdated Soon Cephia’s Treat
Wizards And Shit 23(local) Dead/bird S/t Mini Cdr Self Released
Dethwiggle 24(local) Dead/bird S/t Mini Cdr Self Released
Payback 25 Jan Hammer Miami Vice 1
Nocturnal Dawn 26(local)(new) Potential Energy Nocturnal Dawn Self Released
Waist Land 27 Unknown Artist Unknown Unknown
Hade (slow Version) 28 Vita Noctis Much Money Good Boy No Money Good-bye Camera Obscura
57 1 Dance 29 John Bender Plasters Falling Record Sluts
Love Caboose 30(new) Geneva Jacuzzi Kooze Control Zombie Shark
Skimming Stones 31 Boards Of Canada A Few Old Tunes Warp
Daz 32 Human League The Golden Hour Of The Future Black Melody
Against The Odds 33 A.t.r.o.x. None Night Of Flexi-pop 2 1
Lowrex 34(local) Uh-oh Spades Uh Oh Spades/craow Split Safg
I Met The Beast 35 Martin Dupont Return Of Flexi-pop #2 1
Swallow 36 My Bloody Valentine Tremolo Ep Sire





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