Weird Invasion: the art of Brian Esser

25 10 2009


-collab piece by Brian Esser and Jason Temple

Brian Esser, 1/2 of the electronic brain Orlando outfit Yip-Yip, knows weird. He sees it, breathes it, hears it and makes it. I’ve always been fond of the Yip-Yip sound and their performances ever since the 1st time I saw them in ’04, but the bizarre-scapes don’t stop there. The collected sketchbook drawings below from Esser (not Escher) I view is part of the Yip-Yip ectoplasm stream that fall into the physical form and demonstrate just how much more fun it is to draw towards the physical from the unconscious, wild mind rather than having an art teacher loom over to mind control you to draw a realistic bowl of fruit for eternity. I’m sorry, but that’s what fucking photographs are fucking for. I’ll take fantastic planet over this planet any day.

Luckily there are people that do what they feel natural (and cooler) for them to do. Even if it’s a feeling they received from another world. And it’s always nice to see people convert that into music and art. So, here’s some modern bizarre abstract geometric mutant alien drawings from Brian!



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Take a Breath, Enjoy the Scenery

10 10 2009

thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night and help make it happen. I sometimes feel like I’m not the right kind of person to be running a show, but when everything starts coming together slowly it makes the whole evening a lot better and worth the work. Brigid (Ant Parade) played two new songs that were really great to hear, kind of an ambient dance marriage, Dark Sea of Awareness performed with a companion that together combined two celestial arsenals that formed a big bang sound of creation and destruction, and Future Snakes’ set was body shaking and laser zapping along with intense Space Harrier footage. I won’t be doing any shows until January for a possible Outmode visit. Anyways, I have a couple downloads on hold that I’ll post real soon, and in the meantime here’s some really enlightening photos my friend Alex Gaesser took in Bangkok, Thailand.









all photos by Alex Gaesser

-a video that Edwin shared that I really liked

Edwin’s Wind

1 10 2009

wrestlers delight

-wrestlers’ delight, by Edwin Martinez

I wanted to start briefly talking about these links to the right>>>>>>> of here that I might have not gone over previously. They’re there for a reason and I enjoy what each of them are doing. One site I’d like to specify the link to is my buddy Edwin’s art, who’ve I’ve known since my high-school years and seen around the art classes doing some of the best work I feel was going on at my school at the time (or ever!?). His art from what I remembered back then was like grotesque surrealism, where bodies would expand and mutate into bio realms and angels were nothing more than shattered, ugly spirits. Totally into it at the time and still, and his art has even broaden out even more, keeping dreamlike, strange qualities but has found some lightness here and there, because not all dream-states are nightmares. It makes me want to give Illustrator and Photo Shop another chance because of its ability to enhance hand drawn sketches into professional looking wonders. It’s refreshing to know there are people still doing their own thing while everyone’s jumping onto this retarded ‘movement’ called lowbrow which I think is just ugly motorcycle/tattoo art. Pop surrealism? Come on, that sounds retarded.

Anyways just take a look at his work yourself; here are some of my favorite and if you enjoy these definitely give his site a look. He even does art for children! Also I turned in a couple drawings I’ve done into his zine which is overall looking really good, more details on that later!


-image of some of Edwin’s comic book character creations




fear 1


natural alien

-natural alien

melt banana

-melt banana

The Spirit on the Beach

25 09 2009


I guarantee that James Hendry’s and mine’s comic, ‘Soothsayers and Stargazers,’ will not be an online comic, but I’ll be posting sketches and a couple of final panels here and there on here. He sent me some good drawings from the opening scene where Realm is waking up on a beach, watching a carrier ship of the last Earthlings flying towards space, and sees a spirit figure forming along the beach shore that’s walking towards her. I’m really excited that James is drawing this story for me and we hope to have the 1st two chapters in one issue done by Christmas break. We then will have a comic release dance party night with Skeleton Warrior potentially DJ-ing some minimal synth wave for it! More on that when the time comes. Anyways, here’s some pics:





-all drawings by James Hendry

A New Start

23 09 2009

this is what I hope the sound of the future will be

We need to get off this planet. If the people here can’t find common grounds, then we need to get off it, and I’d want the same for any one that feels the same way for future generations. We made the world a mess that we constantly breed into and it’s even harder to clean it off. I hope for the better of it all, but one thing for sure is that mankind needs to extend it’s hand towards space and positivity throughout. Like a group of nomadic¬†astronauts.¬†Here’s an article on the world’s space needs that I’d like to see happen. I would prefer to see more space action then more football stadiums being built for a zombified society. Also here’s some photos Alex took at Cape¬†Canaveral.






-all photos by Alex Gaesser

A Voyage Beyond Stars

20 09 2009


-Summer 2009

A Fantasy World For You To Grow In

18 09 2009

I’ve always enjoyed any art, film and literature that had strong fantasy elements in them where often a character alone is put into this strange new realm and at first confused, starts learning the ways of this world and even finds out about something new about him/herself. It’s pure escapism, where sometimes you have to leave society or even to lose yourself in order to find yourself. These screen-prints and paintings from my good friend Albina Karpeeva represent this escapist, self discovery feeling that I get from looking at fantasy art. Very eastern feeling to them too.