Live and On Time

20 02 2010

We’re trying out something new involving untested (by us) technology. If it all works to plan, we will be able to stream live video to the webnets for some instant-gratification viewing pleasure. The site is and you can find a permanent link under the Music category.

If you miss the live feed, videos will be stored on qik for later access. We’ll give hard dates and soft times for upcoming posts to keep this as streamlined as possible.

Since we’re not really sure how this is going to work or the overall quality of the video, we would really appreciate your feedback. Let us know what works and what doesn’t, what’s awesome and what blows.

Our first post will be tonight.



La Bamba

20 10 2009

We’re back. New layout. New insight. Cool? Cool. I’ll catch back up with many updates as soon as I’m not sea sick anymore, so for now you should check out Nathan Vasquez’s OFFENSIVE BLOGGING. Also music download page section in the works (PS what is everyone’s preferred site for file sharing that won’t have their files erased within a month?)

Mexico and Machinedrum

15 10 2009


I’m going to Mexico for the weekend. I most likely will not be brogging unless I’m that much of a vacational loser. Listen to this Machinedrum album I found already linked from elsewhere. It’s glitchy, has occasional hip hop beats, I swear Stereolab is sampled somewhere on here, basically the sound of electronic bubbles popping inside of your head inside a new digital interface. I’ll never forget the 1st time my mind exploded while listening to this; the opening two tracks orchestrated the couch patterns surrounding me into an organic constellation of glistening orbs. The power of sound. (btw, T Stewart made this album while living in Orlando, which is way I’m posting this!)


The World’s A Mess (It’s in my Glitch)

13 10 2009


-photo from Aaron Zarzutzki

Technology: love it and hate it. Cellphones constantly buzzing, brainwashing TV, the annoying aspects of social networking, even the thumb tapping of a texter by me in a class can really numb my mind. Yet the future to some look promising, but I don’t know sometimes, I think a lot of people are letting computers, ads, the media and radio make everyday decisions for them. People are becoming more of a herd than they already are, and it’s getting harder for some to realize that.

Luckily there are people that know the traps within the information age that learn to embrace the better aspects of it while distorting what’s presented in a neo-Dadaist kind of way (ex “If this means something than why not this?”). Instead of dropping off a signed, upside down urinal into an art show, glitch makers manipulate the “reality” around them through a variety of technological methods and often times come across coding that is more enticing than the outside image. I would even consider the music hip hoppers, disc jockeys, anything with loops and most of the music off labels like Warp Records to be a musical companion to finding faults and breaks within things and create something new from it henceforth. But that’s a whole other thing to talk about.

Nick Briz, as I mentioned before in the previous post, is highly into the glitch medium where anything goes, and it goes pretty deep down a digital spiral of broken down code. There’s a lot more to it than just mere free form mistake; I think glitch artists know what they’re doing, and it certainly isn’t getting a job to be an animator drone for the next [insert random cute funny animal] CGI disney film. Enough ranting, but if you wish to read a better description of all things glitch, check out Nick’s own writing, and here’s some of his clips!

-From the Ground Up In Order, Embrace

-Binary Quotes

Keep Imagining

12 10 2009

Ok ok, back on track. Here’s the next download I wanted to share with the computational universe:

Picture 1206




(this one needs to be right clicked and saved)

A little back history: Orlando, to me, since I’ve lived here, has always seemed like a transportational passage way where a lot of people, both youth and adult, come and go, never making this traffic filled, nature destroyed area a place to call home. It’s a place where people come for opportunity, but somehow there’s tons of distractions, night clubs, keg parties, and trend inducements everywhere just waiting to stop you in your creative, self-improving tracks. Luckily, there’s a backlash of a weird, energetic, positive spell force going on here that even though a lot of previous bands have left and gone different paths, have left their mark here that has continued to effect the young and exploding. With quick band existences in mind, Imagine Your Wife In This is a great example of a brief yet impacting band that left UCF students confused about their career, caused Stardust hipsteroids spill their coffee on themselves, and get a fucking party started at Uncle Lou’s (I’ve been trying to get this kind of intensity that they create at their shows for awhile!).

Anyways, about the tape release, it’s simply great. It’s quite different than the dark, no wave tinge of Tampa or the astral party feel of Sarasota (although I think Tyger Beat and IYWIT would’ve made a great touring pair), but it represents what good possibilities there are when like-minded people come together and create something instead of sit around and complain about how society is turning into a shithole of flies. It’s like a witch brew of post punk, The Shaggs, Deerhoof and the energy of an autistic chipmunk (well, when you listen to the tape speed fast…!). I always think of them when I listen to the “giddy sharpness” art punk band Ludus too. It’s an advancing towards the weird kind of backlash that I enjoy and hope you do too.

Nick Briz is now in Chicago doing amazing glitch video art, Jill Shea is still involved with performance art duo Triscults, Chris Shields is still the one and only Mr. Transylvania, and Stephen Silber plays with me in our project Cyber-Swarm.


Crash Course In Science

7 10 2009

I found out a way to record youtube videos straight onto your computer for whatever you’d like to use them for (perhaps a mix DVD to really get those feelings out to a special someone???). I’m making a video playlist for a projector for the show I’m setting up on Friday and after I want to compile a synth punk vid collection to burn straight to DVD. Here’s Keepvid, nothing to install, just put the URL in, download the link in your preferred format, then voila.

Haunted FoooOooood

5 10 2009

I think I’m going to make October Orlando month, to continue off from the last post of three Orlando bands (Whats Yr Damage? and Skeleton Warrior were Orlando based around the time of that tour… I think…). I’m figuring out what kind of DIY punk shows occurred here before I moved, what’s going on now, and a possible future outlook? More guerrilla styled shows? It’s possible, but only with joint ambition. Anyways the video above is a band Chris Shields (Deltona Wolves, Imagine Your Wife in This, Mr. Transylvania, Spirit Bomb) and Jill Shea (Triscults, Imagine Yr Life in This) are now involved in. I caught their 1st two live shows and loved their combined energy! Oh, and they might be filling in for Deeyay on the 9th, not exactly a dance replacement but they’ll definitely get the party started.