Sonic Screw

11 10 2010

DJ A.O./Sonic Team




Tribute to Sonic. Tribute to Screw. ‘Nuff said. Download the mix I made and be on the look out for 2 more volumes. Somebody had to slow down that blue rodent. Sip on that syrup and let the zone take you in the way it was meant to.

Freestyle is encouraged.

Track List:

1. SEGA Screwed Intro

2. Slow That Hedgehog Down

3. Green Hills

4. Marble Flo

5. Bangin’ Island

6. Got Some Emeralds

7. Codeine Chemical Zone

8. Azure Dreamin’

9. Ice Cappin’

10. Continue Sippin’

11. Specialin’ n Zonin’

12. Casino Night Zone

13. Casino 2 Playa

14. Star Light

15. Marble Garden

16. Scrap Brain

17. Mystikal

18. Dr. Robo-trip-nika

19. Chrome Dome

20. Flyin’ on Low Battery

21. Act Complete

22. Da Boss

23. Aquatic Ruin Zone

24. Spring ‘N Syrup

25. Take Shots At The Slots

26. Hydro

27. Hydro 2

28. Mushroom Deal Zone

29. Screwed Sanctuary

30. Da Final Boss

31. Da Staff

32. Special Zone



9 03 2010



My friend Evan as he was on a minimal synth blog search discovered this band and sent them my way. All I have to say is…. incredible! And what’s even more astounding is that this group formed and played in Florida in the early 80’s, in which I haven’t found any sheer (and interesting) electronic projects that existed until  Tampa’s E.N. started up sometime in the late 90’s. If you know of any more synth pop/synth punk projects from Florida like Damage (from Orlando) please let me know. Anyways, more information on this group can be found here and a written account of their entire career (written by their singer himself) can be found here. The download I have posted is a collection of all of their known work, and I definitely recommend it for Los Microwaves, Units, and early Ultravox fans. Enjoy!


The Journey + You!

24 11 2009

***new blog to check out: Deeyay’s DEAD DRONE***

Alright, so I got a couple more downloads to share this week that I’ve been meaning to post for this month. In case anyone was aware, I’ve been posting ‘Sarasota + Other’ related music projects as of lately. Sooooo…. to keep up with the drill, you should check out Lazy Magnet’s blog Adventure Hippies for new material by Providence RI’s SHV, Maine’s Caethua, and Ant Parade. The best things come in threes, which is why I’m posting the 2nd of 3 Deluxin’ albums on here. If you don’t want to wait for the third you should know what to do.

-Deluxin, photo from Emily Quirk 2009



Talk about colossal youth! Nathan spent his early days kicking out the jams and recorded this baby fresh into high-school.  I’d say compared to the mid to recent versions of Deluxin’, this may very well be the dirtiest rock version of it, and I love every raw bit of it. Call your mom for a ride back home if you can’t handle the party. The evolution of punk from proto to post can be traced throughout, with equal parts MC5, The Fugs, The Fall, Swell Maps and other herky jerky, cacophonous art punks that could  never settle on one style. Pop songs like ‘Leather + Celebration” shimmer with good vibes only to be followed by collaged, disembodied voices buried in crackling sounds in ‘#2 Combo + Acid.’ My favorite track is definitely ‘Brick Robot – The Bible,’ in which the song itself shifts from highs to lows only to lead into pure cynicism in ‘Zeba + Paton.’ Some songs have different versions on this CDR as well, so there’s something for both the bedroom pop lovers and the ones that somehow always find themselves in a live bar fight. So, whether you want to heal that gash in your head or receive another, take the journey next time with Deluxin.


Horror Head

15 11 2009

Afrika Bambaataa – Looking for the Perfect Beat

Here’s part 2 of the video post. If anyone is wondering, I used a program called keepvid that is able to save audio and video from most sites. I’d like to put together some sort of shoegazering/dreamscape video mix sometime, but for now, here’s this! Good variety of soft movements and some intense flashing ones, both head inducing in their own way.


Video List:

Afrika Baambaataa – Looking For the Perfect Beat
Dam-Funk – Toeachizown
Dam-Funk x Outrun
Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb
Lightning Bolt – Monster’s Choice
Jacob Ciocci – Peace Tape
Broadcast – America’s Boy
Machinedrum – Fresh Kids
Curve – Horror Head
Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum
Computer Vision
Salvo Beta/Melt Banana – Alpha Boost Mix
Problem Solvers – Dewey’s Bike Ride
Jonzun Crew – Old School Poppin
Lightning Bolt nerds
The Normals – TVOD

Salvo Beta/Melt-Banana (<<<I’m seeing them tomorrow!) – Alpha Boost

Visualize The Prize

14 11 2009

Takagi Masakatsu – Bloomy Girls

I had a request over a month ago to post a download file for the videos I arranged and projected on the October 9th electronic show. These were mostly played between sets to kill silence and fill the room with visuals, and some were actually used as backdrops for a couple of the bands such as the hypnotic ‘Outerspace’ video for Ant Parade’s set. I’m limited to the amount I can post through divshare, so I’ll be posting two other zip files throughout this week. Once you have the file, pick the videos you like, put it on a dvd-r and enjoy the moving image.


Video list:

Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her – Evolution
Siobhan – Ghosts
Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire
Liars – Drum Gets A Glimpse
Haves and Thirds – The Craziest of Pipers
Hikashu – At the End of the 20th Century
Peter Tscherkassky – Outer Space
Takeshi Murata – Monster Movie
Aphex Twin – On
Problem Solvers – D.O.G.’s Song
Takagi Masakatsu – Bloomy Girls

Aphex Twin – On

We’ve Come To See What’s Left Of You

31 10 2009


Colin Newman



Here’s a Halloween gift to you guys. If I had time I was going to make a goth mix that perhaps I’ll have ready later, but instead this Colin Newman album (read more about the album here) is equally eerie and haunting. If you’re familiar with Wire, you know already that Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154 are their amazing post punk epics, but Colin Newman’s solo effort on A-Z I feel completes that era for them. It’s a great album to listen to when you feel that the whole world is falling apart.


Dead Horse Detective Agency

24 09 2009


Dead Horse Detective Agency – Sweetheart’s Crumpled Up Heart


Thanks to Brigid for sending me this! Dead Horse Detective Agency was a Tampa post-punk band that was active from the early 2000’s till about 2006. They recorded a song for the amazing Cephia’s Treat comp ‘Almost Invisible’ and released these songs that were never fully mastered in the studio. Nevertheless, even in demo-y form, these tracks still sound great to these ears.

DHDA was Gavin St Denis (guitar, vocals), Jen Penia Fuchs (bass), Brigid Ochshorn (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and Shane Hoffman (drums) and these recordings were done by James Bess. I’ll never forget around the time I graduated high-school in ’05 when Josh Plotkin invited me to go to Ybor City with him to see a band called ‘Dead Horse Detective Agency.’ I didn’t question the odd name or ask what kind of music it was being that Josh has always had exquisite taste in music (I would’ve never of known who DJ Shadow, Lightning Bolt, Thinking Fellers Union Local and tons of other stuff was back in the day if it wasn’t for him).

Anyways, we walked into some brewery bar place where Dead Horse was already starting their set! It was like walking into an arsenal that was both powerful and gracious, and all I could link it to back then was Fugazi and now that I listen to it now I hear more Mission of Burma and Sister/Daydream Nation era Sonic Youth. The singing style of Gavin definitely had that Mission of Burma sound of artistically driven anguish while Brigid’s vocals give off a ‘cherub with a rocking guitar’ like feel that I also think is an accurate association with her presence.  I remember Josh and I going up to her to tell her how good the show was and he bought a t-shirt or something. Little did I know I’d eventually get to know her better and see her still perform as her ethereal solo project Ant Parade. I’m not sure what the other members of DHDA are doing, but I sure hope they’re still rocking in some form!

About this album: I did notice what Brigid said about the mix and sometimes a guitar or vocal track would be muffled behind, and she mentioned that maybe one day she’ll doctor it up and release this album in better form. For now, this is still out there for anyone to give a listen to that might of seen this band before, heard about them around the bay, or haven’t and want to hear this piece of Tampa’s 2000’s history. My favorite track from this is definitely the beautiful epic ‘Tricely,’ very positive and it just keeps rocking and rocking with a killer instrumental close-out.


Track Listing

1. Slow Code

2. Lead

3. Tricely

4. Sleep Your Ass Off

5. Forty-Five Second Song

6. Red Hot and Dance

7. Country Death