9 03 2010



My friend Evan as he was on a minimal synth blog search discovered this band and sent them my way. All I have to say is…. incredible! And what’s even more astounding is that this group formed and played in Florida in the early 80’s, in which I haven’t found any sheer (and interesting) electronic projects that existed until  Tampa’s E.N. started up sometime in the late 90’s. If you know of any more synth pop/synth punk projects from Florida like Damage (from Orlando) please let me know. Anyways, more information on this group can be found here and a written account of their entire career (written by their singer himself) can be found here. The download I have posted is a collection of all of their known work, and I definitely recommend it for Los Microwaves, Units, and early Ultravox fans. Enjoy!


4th D.O.T. – E.N.

10 12 2009

I’m just going to go ahead and say this… I’ve lived in Florida all of my life, went to some really great shows, especially of the electronic kind. But out of all of that, even out of my own friends that I feel are remarkably unique and talented, E.N. has made the best electronic music I’ve ever heard come out of Florida. Not only that, but minimal synth and chilly ambient sounds happen to be my favorite styles, so his albums are frequently put on, especially the mood bending ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon.’ This guy knows his equipment and what he wants to do with it, like some sort psychic entity controlling a large mass of machines.

E.N. is simply Ian Lynn, a brilliant dude who I’ve never got the chance to know, but besides listening to his music, I’ve heard of nothing but nice things about him and his presence. Another big staple in not only Cephia’s Treat’s legacy but Tampa’s own metamorphic youth that were touched by these electrified sounds that I feel has opened a gate of new ideas to be explored in the electronic, synth-scape realm. Todd once again blew my mind with this one, as this is not only a great introduction to the E.N. sound, but also includes two unreleased tracks that some might of not even heard yet (one’s actually a really catchy pop song!). I agree with his description on the song ‘Arcanum,’ it’s pretty much one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, like some sort of being trying to escape an atomic explosion to find itself on somewhere much different and placid. This music will always live on with those who feel inspired by it, and that’s important for what most art and music’s functions are besides creating that outlet for yourself.

Compiled and shared by Todd (much much thank you!). Here’s his words for his brother’s project, and if you haven’t done so already…. you HAVE to get the ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon’ album while they last at Cephia’s. It’s essential and will make your days a lot better.

Track Listing:

01>S.O.N.A.R. Has It’s Day
03>Deep In The Aphotic Zone
04>Van de Graff /A Few Feet Away
05>No Metal
06>Down Syndrome
07>Miss South Pacific
08>Barely Distant
09>Wits For The Inferior
10>Might Makes Right
11>No Choice, You Had Your Chance


01>From “You Can Be Replaced”
This was his first song using a four-track and right off the bat you can tell that there is something great brewing in this highschooler’s brain. The title/idea is a rare example of a more hopeful vibe. This and ‘PT-1’ (from “You Will be Outdated Soon”) are a nice pair of underdogs-will-triumph songs.
02>From “You Can be Replaced”
In my Top 5. I was always amazed at how many great parts some of the songs would have. This one is just beautiful and sounds like it took years to make. Just a note though, a lot of his songs are recorded live with just the vocals overdubbed. You can tell when there are little ‘holds.’ That’s when he is adjusting other stuff for the next move.
03>From a self-released version of “You Can Be Replaced”
There are mountains of songs from the early years, very busy guy. The drum machine reared it’s head a little later so on a majority of them ‘atmosphere’ dominates. I think just about every kind of terrain was covered: oceans, temperate zones, the tropics, post-apocalypse, deserts, you name it.
04>From a self-released version of “You Can Be Replaced”
The guy has a knack for pulling a ‘ditty’ from out of nowhere through one note. When it crawls out and makes you nod your head, you’ve lost. The first workstation-type synth we got was the CZ500 and it was tirelessly used for hours on end, songs on end.
05>From “You Will Be Outdated Soon”
Make no mistake, Metal is always a target. We grew up hating it, continue to hate it and there is a planned ‘No Metal’ boxset for sometime in the future. This song is an example of one of his ‘SK’ songs in which the majority, if not all, of the song is comprised of this little keyboard and the magic of 4-tracking.
06>From “You Will Be Outdated Soon”
This style is the one most often played out at shows over the years. He’d show up with his head wrapped in aluminum foil, open up a little suitcase, bundle some cables through a little keyboard and drum machine, and get everyone bopping to pure apathy.
07>From “They Gave You A Name?”
I can attest to a nice sized collection of ‘Hawaiian Music’ records that were put through through the wringer over the years. Using his secret technique he was able to isolate the eerie warble present throughout those albums and show you just how oddly cool that stuff can be.
08>From “They Gave You A Name?”
The previously mentioned technique of creating his style skips is classically represented here. I was always baffled at how he made the record needle bounce and slide all over the place and seamlessly fall right back into place. This song is strictly one record, one record player and a little reverb all put live to tape.
09>From “advanceEnt/accidENt/era” split with emBard
I usually listen to this song over and over a few times in a sitting just for the little keyboard solo at the 30 second mark. He’s the king of that shit. Obsession with Vince Clark is further reinforced.
An oldie, probably an out take from ‘You Can Be Replaced’ and definitely one of the creepers. There are a few tunes floating around in the racks that are in a similar vein. Just lays some pretty loops under a down-pitched and long-winded religious sermon and strikes gold.
Mid-era song featuring the classic ARP ‘whine’ that he likes to use a lot. One of the last songs recorded using the prized Rhythm 55 before it suffered water damage. There aren’t many E.N. songs that are 8-tracked (this being one) and you can hear a difference in style when they are. Most have an big yet unfinished sound since there are only 2-3 tracks being utilized on 1/2” tape. Best bet is that the more options to add things meant longer completion time and a longer completion time meant a waning interest.


Mind, Body and Soul Music

26 10 2009

Picture 105 small

Alien Overmind

Shrine of Infinity

SAFG, 2008

Everything has a start. Big bangs, planet life, declared wars, etc. What happened before each that caused such an event, who knows. But one thing’s for sure, is that there comes a time when one, such as myself, feels influenced by the surrounding environment and feels a pulse to put everything in a better, more enjoyable perspective, even if it channels the negative. When it comes down to it, I really just wanted to start doing music because my friends in both personal and artistic ways have inspired me to create something of my own, and although this is badly recorded and over the place, I’m glad to at least start and I’ll like to get back and continue where I left off: floating in a dark crystallized chasm in space, hoping to channel in with the electronic rift again.

Things I’ve heard about SOI:

from Jacob: “cold robot space funk,” Sean: “have you been listening to a lot of Kites lately?,” my cousin: “a raw and kinetic visual path of fuzzy bass lines and hip shaking beats” and “do you know how to record?”


Track Listing

1. Professor Introductory

2. In the Tides of Time, You’ll Find the Defender of the Future

3. They See You, They Know You, and They Want to Control You

4. Lost Forest Kids

5. It’s Waking Up

6. Crab Rangoon

7. Ultra Space Voyage to Ultra Space Club

8. Brainwashed Esper

9. Towards Within

10. Squid Oracle

11. Edge of Forever

12. Distant Hearts

13. Living Drawings

14. Back Down to Ground

15. Levitating Carpet Foam

special thanks to: Sean Halpin, Uh-Oh Spades, Alex G, Tom, Fuji, Maya, Keytin, Wally, Ant Parade, Skeleton Warrior, Pro Bro Gold, Haves and Thirds, Josh P, Lazy Magnet, The Nobles, Yip-Yip, Evan, My brother and sister

John Bender, Electronic Guru

30 09 2009

(D/L link updated 11/11/09)


John Bender – I Don’t Remember Now

I thought about doing something consistently on the last day of every month where I’ll end the months-worth of downloads of friends’ and associated work with an album I feel has impacted me in some way or has similar approaches to the sounds and productions of DIY culture today. Of course I don’t want this blog to be filled with exploding new art sounds that I never got to experience firsthand or has no relations to Florida’s translucent music scene of now, so only albums I greatly want to share will be shared. John Bender, a minimal electronic dude from a small mysterious label called Record Sluts will be the 1st post of this.

I found ‘I Don’t Remember Now’ from this site and was overblown by the obscurity of this guy who makes some of the weirdest, most mutated electronic sounds I’ve ever heard. Well, maybe not as weird to today’s standards, but it still has a futuristic sounding quality to it. I found that a lot of electronic artists when they are working by themselves produce some sort of music of a new alien world where the constructions and meanings of the planet are only familiar to them since they can’t find anything familiar here. Klaus Shulze, John Foxx, Aphex Twin, etc. This just so happens to be more unfamiliar sounding because of its low-key qualities, simplistic layers and darkly mild mattered tones. John Bender doesn’t care if his music is lost in space; he just wanted to do music. And I happen to like the music he wanted to do.


Plasters Falling, 1981


Pop Surgery, 1982

‘Plasters Falling’ is his second album, and it was covered in plastic wrap that you had to cut through to get the album. Pop Surgery was his last and probably my favorite, although my favorite John Bender song is 33A1 from ‘I Don’t Remember Now.’ It was the first song that I heard by him when one of my best buddies Fuji told me to stop talking and lay down to listen to this epic 10 minute composition after a pretty weird night of drinking. It was radiating. It cleared my mind and I had to hear more.


More info on John Bender

If you like this check out the Tribute to Flexi-pop comps of minimal synth-wave here

They Gave You a Name?

22 09 2009


I recently checked out this aerial, ambient album, ‘They Gave you a Name?’ by Tampa electronic artist E.N., who was also a member of the synth punk band Yukhonic and brother of Cephia’s Treat label owner Todd. Pretty much an underground sensation that I was not aware of until after the fact, but it’s never too late to know. Recorded in 1996, around the time I was playing vast amounts of 90’s RPGs, E.N. created an album of vortexes that eliminate the sound of crowds, machinery, and even the sound of a lover’s voice in favor of a more universal sound of repetitious musings. Brian Eno would call something like this “antimusic,” though I feel that ambient and minimalist styles are much more harmonious and cerebral to the core. E.N.’s works are usually in an industrial foundation, such as in ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon,’ but I feel ‘They Gave You a Name?’ still has a dark feel to it but in the form of glooming clouds looming over Death in June. The two tracks below are my favorite from this, one stands out the most being a dance track while the other song is the sound of a beautiful, wandering soul. I wish I could’ve met him.



If you enjoy these, I highly suggests taking a further look at Cephia’s Treat’s massive download page of other E.N. works and many other experimental damaged legends of the Tampa clandestine. The catalog has plenty of cheap priced records, tapes and CDs, including this album for $5. All I’m going to say is that this isn’t any ordinary noise label.

Electronic Entities

21 09 2009


This is a show I’m setting up in Orlando in about 3 weeks. It should be pretty good! I’m excited to see my dark companion come by to electrify Florida. I’ll be borrowing a projector as well to use for backdrops to intensify things. There’s also going to be another Deeyay show in Tampa the night before that I’ll gather more details about soon. So far I believe it’ll be him, Diamond Hymen, Skeleton Warrior, and Alien Overmind.

Deeyay – “my favorite dance hits got sucked into a black hole, and this is how it sounded when it came back to me”

Dark Sea of Awareness – a rainbow in curved air for the club

Cyber-Swarm – king koopa’s got a brand new airship

Future Snakes – electric dreams

-Dark Sea of Awareness


-Future Snakes

Where’s the Youth?

10 09 2009

Picture 1202

Uh-Oh Spades – Where’s the Youth? EP


This week is going to be ‘Oldies But Goodies’ week, where I’ll be digging through data and physical data for releases from my friends that I feel will be good to share. I think Uh-Oh Spades will be a good place to start. Just like other previous Uh-Oh releases and other friends’ bands work, this EP is also a personal relic for me, but I’ll keep most of that personal hubbub to the side and talk about the music. I do remember those days though very well; the early fascination with Orlando electronic weirdos Yip-Yip, setting up shows at the skatepark when it was actually still kind of cool, pizza ordering crazes, Altered Beasts frustration, and saving $$$ to move into our 1st apartment where we both kind of started figuring ourselves out I felt.

Anyways, this shortie but sweet as cake EP is one of my favorite Uh-Oh Spades’ releases, a precursor to the transitions to come on albums such as ‘Wreck’ and ‘Look What You’ve Done (Neon Filth)’. Furthering away from the murky, cold wired landscape sounds from earlier material, Spades (Jacob) went into a somewhat more upbeat, quirky electro direction that calls for that boombox touting, addidas wearing MC to give his heart to. But, just as the title questions, the beat-driven, star-eyed youth is lost and voiceless, which ends up making the album sound like the score to a robotic-ruled video game, which is fine with me. Favorite tracks: Memorial Mold and Beet Beat.


Track Listing:

1. Projection Suicide

2. Sunnier Sunshine

3. William Tell

4. Habitual Barker

5. Bangkok

6. Let it Rock

7. Memorial Mold

8. Beet Beat




-all photos by Jen M.