Gauntlet Legends – World Warrior

4 02 2011

Video I put together splicing Street Fighter 2 footage for Deeyay and Los D’s project Gauntlet Legends. I may perhaps be the only person besides themselves that have these recordings, so I figured I’d put something out there for it. The Fight is Everything.


Gauntlet Legends: Part Last

22 07 2009

Here’s two more Gauntlet Legends tracks from ‘All teh Dank’ and will be the last ones I’ll be posting. Keep in mind: both of these songs are instrumentals so still are considered to be in demo yet listenable form. I’ll post more information on these dudes and as always any other related project they are in throughout time.


Download Song #2


Download Song #3

-photos by Alex G.

Metal Machine Mash-up

19 07 2009


-by Alex G, 2008

Here’s the second Gauntlet Legends track, called ‘Robut.’ This one is a bit on the smooth side and features vocals on vocoder (take that annoying/overdone/fucking dumb sounding autotunes!).


Gauntlet Legends – Part 1

17 07 2009


Gauntlet Legends = two Tampa dudes (one’s now in Nashville); Carlos Bruno aka Los Boogie on vocals and vibes, and beat modulator Yaycub (of Deeyay/Uh-Oh Spades)

A hip-hop electronic project that formed out of freestyle impromptu groove sessions during an often Capcom, retro video gaming aftermath. Only a few tracks and instrumentals were recorded, and in the future holds the opportunity for possibly more. I for one would kill to see this project live, especially this Street Fighter inspired jam off their album ‘All teh dank.’ I’ll post two other songs later this week, thanks for Jacob for sending.