INC – Day 3

3 03 2010

-Radio Shock @ INC 2010, video by xNOCOREx

For the faint at heart: Put some ear plugs in before reading.

A bit late to be posting this, but nevertheless, INC’s 3rd day certainly had the weirdest, noisiest, unexpected moments of the whole event, so I can’t go without talking about this experience. While Squelchers and co. (mostly Miami and harsh noise acts) kick off INC and Friday is ruled by Floridian experimental/post punk acts courtesy of Todd, the final day of INC is nothing but out of towners that end it all with one big dissonant BANG. Although myself and I’m sure others felt fatigue throughout the day, there were definitely moments that woke me back up that led me to spending some cash on some fresh new tapes and records. Pumping out new music, getting it out, and musicians and fans alike checking it out seems to be a very fueling part of INC’s DIY culture, and listening to the new sounds for the next weeks after the show seems to be just as rewarding as being there itself. It’s also pretty cool that many prominent female musicians play and wreck at this annual event, in which the experimental medium attracts a more diverse crowd of musicians and fans that counteracts with the bland, “male dominated” garage rock, self-absorbed indie rock scenes. Since so many bands played on this day, I don’t have time to discuss everything I saw individually, so I put together a list of short descriptions of my favorite acts while leaving out some anti-musician freaks’ shining moments, such as the “experimental” act that resulted in a raw chicken being thrown at my friend’s face. Keep in mind not everything at INC hits the smooth sailing course of fresh, innovative art, but being put through the good, the bad, and the ugly is what this kind of showcase is all about, as long as it’s different in some way. It adds to the desire to see the bands that you heard about from your friends back from tour, while others find something silly to appreciate in even the downright awful; “Hey, I heard this guy’s pretty terrible, want to go back inside?” -kid referring to greasy haired trash man act.

-Headmolt, INC 2010 vid by xNOCOREx

-Sister Fuckers, INC 2010 vid also by xNOCOREx

Sister Fuckers – I came a bit too late to check them out, but my friend got their tape and it’s great!

Rind – 2 girls (one being from The Coughs?) that were dark and theatrical; the vocal style and lyrics were my favorite part.

Hobbledeions – one dude that played drums to ambient synth loops. I bought his tape that was a split with Leslie Keffer; it had a pattern oriented, mystic warm quality to it.

Human Beast – one of my favorite acts of INC. Their cutesy/bondage torture theatrics contrasted well with their brand of pulsing noise and sirens. Downloads can be found at their site here.

Work – (the drummer of Rind?) and another lady melded some violent, shattering noise punk together that came all the way from the land of quakes (San Francisco!).

Jiblit Dupree – Danny Manipulation Mcguire’s done it again. I always enjoy seeing his appearances and sets at many DIY events all over Florida.

Drums Like Machine Guns – I only caught the tail end of their set, but from what I can remember it was harsh industrial, just as the name might imply.

Ironing – I missed my own friend’s set, but there’s a video of this performance here.

Social Junk – they were AWESOME! This is what true psychedelic music should sound like; no boundaries, no limits, just walls of psychic energy that break down the barriers of reality. Let it pour through.

Collection of the Late Howell Bend – One part Irene Moon and a fellow; this was my 2nd time seeing her and this time she was using a pedal that would switch her voice from normal to masculine, and instead of playing a harsh noise set, The Late Howell Bend was quite fantastical and poetic.

Radio Shock – RS, along with Unicorn Hard-On, were two acts that I’ve not only heard great things about but have listened to their music quite often hoping I would see a day when I’d catch their sets locally. Radio Shock, with his industrial, static shrieking dance punk anthems revived much energy back into the crowd including myself. I felt I had joined a neon cladded army of better prospects.

Small Pox – I saw them for the 1st time at Tampa’s Bloodfest ’09, and it was incredible to see them again as they chained the crowd into a head trance populated by tribal, apparition sounds luring in. Hopefully they will return to Florida again soon for another round of Tampa Bay blood.

Unicorn Hard-On – after Leslie Keffer’s/Scott Martin’s ambient set, Unicorn Hard-On (surprisingly?) played some ambient moods as well. I was expecting something on the lines of her Crash Course in Science-ish dance work, but it was still a soothing moment of the night that put speakers into an ease until….

Newton – Newton killed it with his harsh electronic, both in Miami and at an Orlando Pre-INC I attended at. Him and other projects off Breathmint have been strongly involved in not only INC but other noise events along the coast.

Cock E.S.P. – If I were to pick one absolute favorite act throughout the entire course of INC, it would have to be this 2 minutes of hell. Yes, I had ear plugs in. Yes, I ran away as soon as I saw a cymbal with a contact mic get thrown into the crowd. And yes, I enjoyed every bit of this “hard to put on paper” sound that was something no wave but if anything, was pure terror into my spinal cord. My main recollection was that some guy that I was making fun of the whole INC for changing glam outfits constantly was now wearing a barbarian-esque torture outfit with cock exposed, the main cock himself in a chicken outfit operating the sounds of storms while the girl from Work was disturbingly screaming repetitively as if she was being struck by lightning over and over again. I couldn’t think of a better, harsher way to end INC, and as soon as I got home I looked up more info and videos of Cock E.S.P., and didn’t realize till I saw it with my own eyes that this project has quite a legacy behind it.

Outside act of mysterious Providence dudes – At 1st I thought this was God Willing, but as I walked to the car to leave the aftermath of INC, some blanket robed guy was playing guitar in front of Cock E.S.P.’s van while the driver flashed lights on him and honked rudely and crudely and then dronely in the middle of the dead Miami streets in Little Haiti. My friend in the car disturbingly woke up saying “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!?” and we all knew then that we had the full INC experience and it was time to finally let it all return back into whatever chaotic hole each project spawned from only to look forward to see what it grows and mutants into next.

-Cock E.S.P. closing it out with chaos, INC 2010. Video by Cicadaskin

Some further links:

International Noise Conference collection site – if you have any video, audio recording, or any recollection of even past INC’s, please help out and post in this vault. Imagine how awesome it will be to look back 20 years from now!

INC 2010 Forum – a couple of photos and vids have been posted here

Breathmint’s Vimeo Account – Past and recent INC footage courtesy of Breathmint records.

Words of advice for any future INC attendees – Bring at least $50 to buy merch you probably will never be able to see ever again, if you didn’t get to play this year but want to next time bring a pretty solid (limit pushing) release of your work, if you play bring merch to trade (I goofed up here), and make hotel/sleeping arrangements in advance for the love of God. Being whacked out of your senses and control is the worst way to try to get a hotel room at 4 AM with 8 other people in the same boat.


Human Beast

25 02 2010

Here’s footage of one of my favorite acts I’ve seen recently, Human Beast (Providence, RI). Live on February 10, 2010 at South Main Community Arts Center (SMArts) in Gainesville, FL. This was part of Action Research #48: Pre-International Noise Conference. Videos by Christopher Miller. Bondage, up yours!