Cosmic 1 Year Anniversary

30 03 2010

It came to my realization that (precisely on March 23rd) this blog has been active for over a year now, with a total of 12,574 views so far (roughly a 1,000 views per month). The average per month is actually a bit more, since things started out slow here, and I just wanted to thank those that check this thing out and also spread the word and have let me post a download or two for sharing. I love posting about the happenings going on around here (Orlando and the rest of Florida) and I feel like it has helped others to get a good outside perspective of what exactly is brewing here. I’ve been really slow on posting as of late because of school and trying to find a job, and I’ve been meaning to post more reviews and downloads on here, so if your project is on this list and would like to send me a track to post with the info I’d appreciate it and I’ll link to where to order and find a copy. There’s plenty of going-ons to keep this site active and well driven.

Thanks very much to: Mark Johnson, S2K, Matt @ Roofless, Jeffrey Ruble aka Then and Than, Todd Lynne, Brigid, Kylie, Edwin, Fuji, Lazy Magnet, Nathan (Thee Deluxin’ Dude), Nelson (LLLR), Sean Halpin, Wally Frasier, and anyone else that has given me input, media, or simply has given me a reason to post on here.


Now would be an appropriate time to cover some things. If you haven’t explored this blog’s murky beginnings up until now, here’s some reference points to cover that are easy to find if you click through months:

March-July 2009: Mostly old drawings by me and a couple of friends, MLU/Uh-Oh Spades downloads, and writings on a psychedelic account or two.

August-October 2009: More versatile downloads and music news (Bloodfest, Florida bands, etc)

October 2009: Orlando month; focused writings on present projects and things that have already came and went in my local location

November 2009: Posts on Sarasota and east coast USA bands such as Deluxin, Irene Moon, and Russian Tsarlag.

December 2009: Nothing but Tampa bands. My favorite month of material I’ve ever posted. Please check out!

January-April 2010: Unfocused posts, mostly info on INC and current shows. I’ve been really busy trying to keep up with everything, but more individual reviews are on their way, videos, and hopefully more media.

Keep riding the skies


Lights and Music On My Mind

10 11 2009

Cruise 105

Cruise 104

Cruise 103

Cruise 102

Cruise 108

Cruise 100

-photos taken by Alex Gaesser, Fall 2009


14 09 2009

Picture 1203

Däsi – Escape From Draconia


Däsi is a psyche art punk band from Gainesville, FL. I found out about them from my cousin who is best friends with Mike,  the experimental backbone to the group. They might be my favorite band from G-ville, as most of the stuff I hear that comes out from there (with the exception of the stuff going down at Action Research) are just 90’s punk/beard-fi rip offs that just won’t let “it” go. I actually got this CD as a present from my cousin, and I told myself I must see this artsy, cosmic embracing, pixie-like band, but unfortunately they already moved to Boston, MA shortly after this album was in my hands. When I say this band has a psyche like sound, I don’t mean it as a neo-tribal, Animal Collective/Gang Gang Dance kind of way, but moreso the sound a group of fawns, nymphs and pixies would make in the forest with flutes and Dionysian punk attitude. The lyrics kind of remind me of Siouxsie Sioux’s writing as well, very questioning and filled with imagery. They’re now known as Prince Rama of Ayodhya.


Track Listing

1. March

2. Conversation Emaciation

3. Modern Vagabond

4. Inspoken/Outspoken

5. For Max

6. Escape from Draconia

7. Lion Heart and Laughter

8. Monument

9. Metro Buelo Dodo

10. Untitled



12 09 2009


Merchandise – S/T EP


While 2008 isn’t exactly old news, I don’t have any early material from any of these Tampa dudes’ solo projects at the moment. Merchandise is Carson C, David V, and Patrick B, and together with their love of post-punk, post-hardcore and other artistically inclined records of our time, they create an energy field marking of their own. Carson’s singing has a certain natural poetic feel to it that goes along perfectly with the Mission of Burma shaded bass lines, sweet as a feather but sharp as a knife sounding guitar riffs and simplistic, ‘go with the flow with force’ drum patterns.

I was quite impressed by the recording quality of this release, especially for a 1st album. I’m a lo-fi, dirty mess music lover at heart, but it’s still refreshing to listen to something rinsed out and well constructed together. And as I mentioned before, this album would be ideal to bring to listen to on a road trip along with Mission of Burma’s ‘Signals, Calls and Marches,’ Dinosaur Jr. and Husker Du. Also to mention…. last time I saw them live, they covered one of my favorite Wipers’ songs, ‘Mystery!’ Download was taken from punk loving icoulddietomorrow‘s blogspot. Similar Tampa/Orlando bands: Dads, Spirit Bomb, Dave Vassalotti, and Dead Horse Detective Agency.


Track Listing

1. ______

2. I’m Still Right

3. Target

4. Kill The Light

5. Moving Out

6. It’s A Man’s World

Also to mention, if you see any links from the past that are broken, that’s because I was using ZSHARE and I didn’t realize files submitted on there are only temporary. I’ll be fixing this soon; I’m going to change every download I’ve posted to mediashare (waaaay better) and post everything on one post soon. I’ll make download links a lot easier to find too. If there’s anything that anyone wants right away, just let me know and I’ll fix it sooner.

Where’s the Youth?

10 09 2009

Picture 1202

Uh-Oh Spades – Where’s the Youth? EP


This week is going to be ‘Oldies But Goodies’ week, where I’ll be digging through data and physical data for releases from my friends that I feel will be good to share. I think Uh-Oh Spades will be a good place to start. Just like other previous Uh-Oh releases and other friends’ bands work, this EP is also a personal relic for me, but I’ll keep most of that personal hubbub to the side and talk about the music. I do remember those days though very well; the early fascination with Orlando electronic weirdos Yip-Yip, setting up shows at the skatepark when it was actually still kind of cool, pizza ordering crazes, Altered Beasts frustration, and saving $$$ to move into our 1st apartment where we both kind of started figuring ourselves out I felt.

Anyways, this shortie but sweet as cake EP is one of my favorite Uh-Oh Spades’ releases, a precursor to the transitions to come on albums such as ‘Wreck’ and ‘Look What You’ve Done (Neon Filth)’. Furthering away from the murky, cold wired landscape sounds from earlier material, Spades (Jacob) went into a somewhat more upbeat, quirky electro direction that calls for that boombox touting, addidas wearing MC to give his heart to. But, just as the title questions, the beat-driven, star-eyed youth is lost and voiceless, which ends up making the album sound like the score to a robotic-ruled video game, which is fine with me. Favorite tracks: Memorial Mold and Beet Beat.


Track Listing:

1. Projection Suicide

2. Sunnier Sunshine

3. William Tell

4. Habitual Barker

5. Bangkok

6. Let it Rock

7. Memorial Mold

8. Beet Beat




-all photos by Jen M.

Introducing: CrAow

6 09 2009


Some of you know; some of you may not know. CrAow, aka Sean Halpin, is a Nashville noise dude that puts lazy, white-noise anti-musicians to shame. Instead of relying on long drones of “shhhhrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk” for unnecessary amounts of time, CrAow focuses more on the mind-melting aspects of frantic, interchangeble layers of sound from tape-loops, pedals, delays, overdubs, layers of vocals straight from interstellar evil spirits, and minimal instrumentation as they all form into an abysmal collage of dark matter. Like being on a pathless ship during a dark, moonless night storm, only to get thrown deep into the ocean while hearing random revolting sounds and lost hope melodies approach you from all directions. Some of it even reminds me of the mood and soundtrack to an alien doomed earth, such as the videogame Contra III. There ain’t no going back baby.

CrAow has been a project Halpin has been working on for about a year, and is also a runner of the Florida/Nashville label Stay Away From Ghosts, which many of the projects associated within and closeby have became an initiation for me to contort myself and create some sounds. I’m glad I got to play a lot of my first shows with him, as his dark style that he leans towards has maybe rubbed off on me a bit. But, now that I think about it, isn’t the rest of the world leaning towards a darker direction anyways? The download below is Side One: Raspberry Dress from the Ladies Night Split with Alien Overmind. Get this and that and you have the whole thing. And…. listen to this on headphones, maybe even try it with your intake of choice!


Track Listing

1. Hello Freedumb!

2. No Hope

3. Room Full of Glass

4. $$$

5. Yr Ladies Night Out

Small Pox

3 09 2009


So today I spent a good amount of time scoping some interesting blogs out and came across lots of good stuff (Byron House, Unicorn Hard-On, Dark Sea of Awareness, and loads of new bands I’ve never heard of off No Not Fun Not No’s blogspot). With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the shear forces I’ve found, but only if it somehow relates to what I’d like to call (for lack of a better current term) east coast experimental music. That’s a pretty broad term and it could be a vast array of a lot of things, but anything music related that I’ll be posting as far as downloads go will be somehow connected to things on here already or any kind of new fascination or discovery I might have within DIY culture.

Small Pox, from Charleston, SC, is definitely a good example of that. I saw these dudes play at Bloodfest ’09 during the night set, and their tribal, shamanistic punk sounds drew me in and gave me some sort of new dark vision. I love their description on their myspace space:  “there’s a sliver of darkness that magik put inside my soul… and it’s like a compass needle for other dark… stuff.”

Also I got to check out their split with Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples.  A fatal fury force that pulls you into the unknown and keeps you there through all of it’s swirlieness made up of dead soul echoes. The download below is a live track recorded at Greenwomb by Josh, and if you look at the ‘Vault of Blood’ post there’s an entire live set recording from Bloodfest. If you enjoy these tracks, you should look into getting their split.