11th D.O.T. – Pro Bro Gold

1 01 2010

-photo by Roofless Records

Woo, have things been kicking lately! I’ve been so busy I almost forgot about Cosmic Bros. No worries though, although a couple of days overdue I will act this week as if it was the last week of December to cover a couple more posts on TAMPA. I owe it to the bay and to you all. And if there was one person I missed this most out of shows this break, it was this guy, The Liquid Gold lord, Pro Bro Gold.

-Pro Bro Gold @ Crystal Castle, Sarasota

Although originally going to be a Christmas present post, this out of print, Liquid Gold tour CDR sold out instantly before PBG even returned back home. Thanks to Todd for letting me share, I decided this dance album would be more appropriate to kick things off at a New Year’s Party. There’s many highlights on this album and unfortunately one of my favorite tracks, the lounge version of the Pro Bro theme, is unable to import since it’s a ‘negative track,’ so better get the real thing next time, k? It’s almost like the deep house version of New Order, a bit darker and a bit foggier. And Brandon Poplin’s street smart persona just tops off the album’s vibe even more. The last track, ‘Meet the Poplins,’ has I believe Todd and Sean joining forces with Mr. Poplin himself to do a Pro Bro Gold cover, and it turns out to be the greatest secret post punk song that you’ve never heard elsewhere, and also was no joke one of my favorite songs of 2008. I used to put this album on a lot when I was in a love limbo, with bizarre love triangles and ‘the perfect kiss’ intact. Other guest spots on this album include Ant Parade, Sex Clown, and Outmode.

-at the OK Morale, Aug 2008. By Ted Records

-at Go Go Town, Chicago 2008

Other info: Brandon was the drummer for Byron House and has been in a number of band name changes, such as Fas’ners, before finally becoming Pro Bro Gold. He toured with Lazy Magnet in 2008 and he started this project just as Skeleton Warrior was staying off the dark psyche sounds in exchange for Silicon Teens-ish electronic party music. Dance solo projects soon followed such as Deeyay, Outmode and Diamond Hymen, appearing more strongly on the strobe light lit horizon of Florida. For those interested, he has a split w/Skeleton Warrior still available through Cephia’s Treats and Roofless Records and also has been dropped off at local record stores in Orlando. Enjoy and have a happy 2010!


-Pro Bro at the Borg Ward in Milwaukee, WI 2008

The Journey + You!

24 11 2009

***new blog to check out: Deeyay’s DEAD DRONE***

Alright, so I got a couple more downloads to share this week that I’ve been meaning to post for this month. In case anyone was aware, I’ve been posting ‘Sarasota + Other’ related music projects as of lately. Sooooo…. to keep up with the drill, you should check out Lazy Magnet’s blog Adventure Hippies for new material by Providence RI’s SHV, Maine’s Caethua, and Ant Parade. The best things come in threes, which is why I’m posting the 2nd of 3 Deluxin’ albums on here. If you don’t want to wait for the third you should know what to do.

-Deluxin, photo from Emily Quirk 2009



Talk about colossal youth! Nathan spent his early days kicking out the jams and recorded this baby fresh into high-school.  I’d say compared to the mid to recent versions of Deluxin’, this may very well be the dirtiest rock version of it, and I love every raw bit of it. Call your mom for a ride back home if you can’t handle the party. The evolution of punk from proto to post can be traced throughout, with equal parts MC5, The Fugs, The Fall, Swell Maps and other herky jerky, cacophonous art punks that could  never settle on one style. Pop songs like ‘Leather + Celebration” shimmer with good vibes only to be followed by collaged, disembodied voices buried in crackling sounds in ‘#2 Combo + Acid.’ My favorite track is definitely ‘Brick Robot – The Bible,’ in which the song itself shifts from highs to lows only to lead into pure cynicism in ‘Zeba + Paton.’ Some songs have different versions on this CDR as well, so there’s something for both the bedroom pop lovers and the ones that somehow always find themselves in a live bar fight. So, whether you want to heal that gash in your head or receive another, take the journey next time with Deluxin.