Ashrae Fax

7 01 2011

-Ashrae Fax – Ultravaca

Here’s a video I just put together for the 90’s synth/dream pop band Ashrae Fax. Those that have toured the east coast for long and deep may already know of Faster Detail who was the man behind the electronics for this project. I don’t know too many details about either band, but their whole album may be heard over at the link below.

Ashrae Fax album – Static Crash!


Teenage Triangle

7 12 2009

*WARNING: this video is LOUD. Adjust your volume before playing.

Teenage Triangle was Carson’s (of Slavescene/Neon Blud) noise pop solo project that had a brief existence over last spring/summer. I wanted to make a video for one of the songs he sent me that sounded a lot like a perfect blend of New Order’s factory pop with My Bloody Valentine’s paralyzing white noise for dreamers. After Alex helped me get some footage, we got ourselves a music video for a project I hope revives in some form or another. From Tampa!