Visualize The Prize

14 11 2009

Takagi Masakatsu – Bloomy Girls

I had a request over a month ago to post a download file for the videos I arranged and projected on the October 9th electronic show. These were mostly played between sets to kill silence and fill the room with visuals, and some were actually used as backdrops for a couple of the bands such as the hypnotic ‘Outerspace’ video for Ant Parade’s set. I’m limited to the amount I can post through divshare, so I’ll be posting two other zip files throughout this week. Once you have the file, pick the videos you like, put it on a dvd-r and enjoy the moving image.


Video list:

Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her – Evolution
Siobhan – Ghosts
Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire
Liars – Drum Gets A Glimpse
Haves and Thirds – The Craziest of Pipers
Hikashu – At the End of the 20th Century
Peter Tscherkassky – Outer Space
Takeshi Murata – Monster Movie
Aphex Twin – On
Problem Solvers – D.O.G.’s Song
Takagi Masakatsu – Bloomy Girls

Aphex Twin – On