Turmoiled Functions (Glimpse of WWIII)

17 04 2011

-Turmoiled Functions – ‘Oil Slades’

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. It’s probably because the people that look at this already know what’s up, and the people that don’t probably don’t care. Or maybe I should post better material more often. Whatever the case, I have been writing in a video game related blog if anyone out there is interested called Astral Dojo. I’m somewhat in the slow paced process of merging my two favorite interests,music and video games, into one pleasing, edgy form. Just think about it: Hoverboarding over a vast ocean in the middle of the night infiltrating a robot base while banging your head to the sounds of Outmode or Haves & Thirds. Ah, such possibilities. Anyways, the Turmoiled Functions video above is a test approach into how these sounds (from my local Floridian friends) convert to video game scores. A few of my friends already are working within the digital medium, such as Troy of Pairs (currently focusing on sound design) and Ryne of Diamond Man who’s been into 3D work and creating images great for backdrops. You can check out both of their sites below:

Troy Turriate


I will also do a post about my tape for anyone that wants to order a copy as well as a couple of shows I’m setting up over the summer. Stay ‘duned’…