Turmoiled Functions (Glimpse of WWIII)

17 04 2011

-Turmoiled Functions – ‘Oil Slades’

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. It’s probably because the people that look at this already know what’s up, and the people that don’t probably don’t care. Or maybe I should post better material more often. Whatever the case, I have been writing in a video game related blog if anyone out there is interested called Astral Dojo. I’m somewhat in the slow paced process of merging my two favorite interests,music and video games, into one pleasing, edgy form. Just think about it: Hoverboarding over a vast ocean in the middle of the night infiltrating a robot base while banging your head to the sounds of Outmode or Haves & Thirds. Ah, such possibilities. Anyways, the Turmoiled Functions video above is a test approach into how these sounds (from my local Floridian friends) convert to video game scores. A few of my friends already are working within the digital medium, such as Troy of Pairs (currently focusing on sound design) and Ryne of Diamond Man who’s been into 3D work and creating images great for backdrops. You can check out both of their sites below:

Troy Turriate


I will also do a post about my tape for anyone that wants to order a copy as well as a couple of shows I’m setting up over the summer. Stay ‘duned’…

Gauntlet Legends – World Warrior

4 02 2011

Video I put together splicing Street Fighter 2 footage for Deeyay and Los D’s project Gauntlet Legends. I may perhaps be the only person besides themselves that have these recordings, so I figured I’d put something out there for it. The Fight is Everything.

Chris Carter

2 02 2011

Here’s some Chris Carter vids to perhaps help you get a good night’s rest. Thanks to Haves & Thirds for guiding me further into this guy’s works, such as on ‘The Space Between.’ This first vid is by me:



28 01 2011


Here’s an AO track available for download. It won’t be on the ‘Nullifiers’ tape, mostly because I recorded from the wrong output causing the song to sound like a live set. Oh well. At least here’s a taste of the tape to come:


Release Show @ Cafe Hey

28 01 2011


This Saturday, I’ll be coming back to my home turf to play with some of my favorite music makers of 2011. I’ll also be coming with my 2nd full length too ‘The Nullifiers’ on cassette. See ya then (maybe).

-Madame Mercury live @ BAR, Miami


-Haves & Thirds @ Mojo’s, Nov 2010


-Gem of Skin @ Lou’s 2007


28 01 2011

I have some unfortunate news for all of those radio listeners. My show, ‘Terminal Beach Party,’ has been, well, terminated. For now. I have classes this semester that take up my day time and as it stands there’s not a position I can switch with. This doesn’t necessarily mean an end… just an extended break. At least there’s time for me to concentrate on other projects, such as the (finally) released Alien Overmind album ‘The Nullifiers’ on tape and future projects and splits to come. I will be writing on here more often too, since there’s been so many shows, album releases, and youtube videos being put up. Yup, it’ll be like the good ol days of this blog, except I’ll try to change out my word choices. Anyways, after this post I’ll put up some things to catch back up and go from there. Thank you to all of those that listened in, checked out the playlists, and in general, keep it cool.

A Recap of my favorite Terminal Beach Party – The Radio show memories:

Lazy Magnet tearing it up (with a pop song) during an on air set:


Father Finger playing an on air gig with a soothing cover of The Stone’s Roses ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and a black tinged song off her last release:

Ashrae Fax

7 01 2011

-Ashrae Fax – Ultravaca

Here’s a video I just put together for the 90’s synth/dream pop band Ashrae Fax. Those that have toured the east coast for long and deep may already know of Faster Detail who was the man behind the electronics for this project. I don’t know too many details about either band, but their whole album may be heard over at the link below.

Ashrae Fax album – Static Crash!